Monday, December 11, 2023
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The Police are failing crime victims

The Police are failing crime victims because they are spending too much time dealing with societal issues rather than being able to spend time tackling enough crime.

Chief Constable Oliva Pinkney has said that officers spend half of their shifts working on behalf of other services.

Effectively meaning that crime victims are being failed therefore putting the criminal justice system in crisis.

In reality, the police are taking longer to respond to crime and charging fewer suspects.

Now the Chief Constable of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Constabulary is calling on all officers to be freed from attending incidents that the police should not lead upon.

Saying on average officers attend 54 mental health incidents every hour and spend around three hours waiting with people before the health professionals are then able to take over.

Ms Pinkney believes Mental health lands on the desk of the police because they answer the phone 24 hours a day.

Added to a reduction in police officers with some forces still down 15% in numbers compared to 2010. Increasing officer numbers will help with the current situation.

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