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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Met Police

Hero Cop Pulled Over Bridge Saving Woman Saved By Human Chain

Police Constable Fab Ahmed has saved the life of a woman as she jumped off Kingston Bridge on 28 October. PC Ahmed grabbed hold of the woman as she attempted to jump off the London Bridge. The Police Constable...

Like Father Like Son Proud to Serve the Met Police

A father with 30 years service in the Met was bursting with pride as his son followed in his footsteps and completed his training to become a fully fledged police officer. Last week, Police Sergeant Ken McNish from Havering proudly...

Armed police shot dead armed man in London

Armed officers have shot dead a man who was threatening a woman with a knife at a house in London. The incident occurred at a property in Islington. The man was treat at the scene in Shepperton Road however died on...

Murder investigation following cemetery stabbing

Police have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of a man in the City of London Cemetery, North Boundary Road, Police attended reports of an unconscious man. Police attended the incident at 14:17 on Wednesday July 23rd, Police officers...

Spy Plane, Are the Police listening to our phone calls?

The Met Police is facing allegations they are spying on the people of London using a spy plane. Pressure is building for the Met to reveal details of the spy plane that has been circling London, which is reported to...

Criminals to be hired as Police Officers under relaxed vetting rules.

It has been revealed that criminals have a much better chance at becoming a police officer after the Met Police has relaxed it recruitment rules. They will now allow perviously banned offenders to apply to become a police officer which...

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