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Cleveland Police, Police Hour Leading Crime and Policing News featuring all the latest Cleveland Police related news crime and policing news within the Teesside force covering Hartlepool, Billingham, Stockton, Middlesbrough

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No Duff This is not a drill this is mental health support

No Duff is military coms for the term "This is not a Drill" which is exactly what No Duff is which focuses on those...

Peterlee Police give teens a chance to clean up their act after being arrested

Peterlee Police have given two teenagers a chance to clean up their act after they launched projectiles towards a police car. Two teenagers who...

Correction: Two people within headline surnames incorrectly swopped

Within the headline of Zephaniah McLeod has been charged with the murder of Jacob Billington following Birmingham Stabbings the names of both Mcleod and...