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Strep A infection leaves four-year-old fighting for life

Tragically six children have with a Strep A Infection this season across England and Wales.

One young girl aged four is fighting for her life in Liverpool.

Her Father Dean Burns has said his daughter Camila Rose Burns is in critical care with Group A Strep and has said he is now praying for a miracle.

His simple Christmas wish is that his daughter comes home alive. She has been placed on a ventilator at The Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool since Monday.

There has been a sickness bug going around the school meaning they kept an eye on her over the weekend.

Camila had gone from dancing on Friday with her friends to a little under the weather on Saturday and little worse on Sunday and becoming very unwell on Monday.

Camila has been at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, unresponsive in the critical care unit. She is fighting for her life.

The family are now alerting other parents to keep an eye our for the signs and to act quickly if their child becomes sick.

Camila at first seemed to have a sickness bug, but became lethargic at times and then her health began improving but suddenly completely changed.

Her father Dean said they’ve just put up the Christmas , the naughty elf & the adventures calendars with all our names on.

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