Steve Cooper supports police officers who aspire to promotion to the rank of Sergeant and inspector to achieve their goals. Steve told Police Hour “I started Rank Success whilst still serving as a Detective Inspector after receiving enquiries from officers in other forces to help with their promotion preparation.

A little of the right support at the right time and a commitment to some smart hard work on your part can make all the difference in converting your aspiration into promotion success. “As a coach & mentor my role is to build awareness, responsibility and self-belief – a powerful combination – the outcome of which is probably best described below by officers who successfully achieved their goal” You can see their feedback at Rank Success.

Of course, coaching is ultimately about taking ACTION. Any aspiring officers can hit it the ground running and take action to boost their knowledge and raise their awareness with my downloadable digital promotion toolkits.

Police Promotion Support is at Hand!

Our values at Police Hour are all about supporting the thin blue line. We recognise getting promoted can be a tough challenge for the many great officers and potential leaders across the UK. Practical, on-demand guidance is hard to find, while meaningful support is also sparse.

So we thought we’d investigate when we heard about Rank Success and Steve Cooper, a former Royal Marine, Detective Inspector and now a leading police promotion coach/mentor. Since retiring from policing, he is now quietly converting numerous officers’ leadership aspirations into promotion success!

The first thing to notice is the range of impressive feedback Steve receives, showing this specialist promotion support is well received by aspiring cops.

We then explored the range of FREE content, including FREE downloadable guides and a blog, impressed that their content gives officers a great start. The 50-page ‘7 Things…’ the guide is packed with promotion interview insights!

A range of options are also available for those wanting more intensive help, including comprehensive guides to ensure your evidence hits the mark, masterclasses and personal support throughout your promotion journey.

If you are aiming to progress your career to Sergeant or Inspector, why not take a look at Steve’s offering… we think you’ll find it a great help for 2018!