The Police Fitness Test

Police Fitness Test is nothing to worry about. It is much easier than was previously required.

The Police Fitness Test can be completed with very little training as it is only taking a measure of a basic level of fitness. Saying that we would recommend you training within a gym as the physical requirements of the job will be much more demanding.

There is two elements of the Fitness test that must be completed.

The Bleep Test known as the Endurance Shuttle Run. 

You will be required to run back and forward along a 15-metre track within the Police HQ sports hall.

You will run back and forward to beeps. These beeps will become faster you are required to reach the end of the 15-metre track before the end of the beep. If you do not reach the line before the beep you fail this element of the test.

The required pass is Level 5.4 which is approximately 3 and a half minutes.

The Dynamic Strength Test. 

This test is nothing to worry about the exercise involves performing five seated chest press and 5 seated pull backs on a dyne machine.

You are allowed to have three practice pull/pushed and then you have five pull/pushes which are recorded.

The required pass level is based on an average over five attempts with a Pull of 35kg and a Push of 34kg

Training before the test. 

We would recommend downloading a beep test and going over a quiet field and measuring out the distance and giving it a go. Shuttle runs on a treadmill within your local gym may help build your endurance for example run 1 min at speed 10 and then 1 min at speed 14 and then repeat 4 times.

For the Pull/Push test we recommend going on a rowing machine in your local gym and setting the resistance to level 10.