The Police Twitter Awards

Police Hour Police Awards 

Police Hour is launching a new programme of honouring brave officers, police staff and members of the public.

It’s not really an award but a positive way for Police Hour to say thanks, a way for us to remind you of the amazing thing you did.

The Police Hour Police Awards are simply a pin badge that recognises an amazing achievement within policing and public safety.

It could be something that has had a massive impact on the wellbeing of a member of the public in a way that has created a positive impact on their life.

The thing is you might often not know you’ve even been nominated for a Police Police Police award until it lands in the post to your Police HQ.

We want to create a positive way of honouring some amazing, impactful work that you’ve been involved in.

A sense of positivity within policing, sharing stories and celebrating levels of success without creating egos.

It’s more about saying thanks for the achievement, thanks for what you’ve done not holding up awards.

Sharing positivity and creating a way to show members of the police and members of the public that they are appreciated and someone is also thinking about them too.

How to do I receive the Police Hour Police Award?

At the moment our team are currently keeping an eye out for officers that we believe deserve the Police Hour Police Award.

We will continue watching and monitoring and we’ll reach out to officers we believe are worthy of the award.

Can i make you aware of an account? 

Yes, of course, you can. But it does not mean they’ll automatically receive the Police Hour Police Awards Pin badge to honour the work they’ve done because these will be for a selected few officers who have gone above and beyond what is expected within their role of policing.

We want to ensure these badges are special and have a token of value.

No Awards ceremony

There is no official awards ceremony however throughout the year we will randomly select a number of officers to receive the award.

We won’t be giving too many out as these will be reserved for special officers who have literally gone above and beyond and we’d like to share with them a special pin badge and a note of thank you to ensure the occasion is marked.

We won’t be creating a class system with the badges, they are simply a reward something to remind them of the act they have committed that we believe should be rewarded, Often we won’t even publically share that we’ve shared the pin with an officer or member of police staff.

On other occasions, we’ll write some content to be shared on Police Hour to share the amazing achievements, acts of bravery which positively promote the values of police officers.