Police Promotion

Police Promotion is referred to as the National Police Promotion framework (NPPF) has been introduced for Police Constables looking to be promoted to the rank of Sergeant and Inspector.

How do i get promoted in the Police? The simple answer is it is all about the hard work and preparation you are prepared to put in. Preparing is not cheating and there is nothing to be ashamed of to say you’ve researched and got yourself ready for police promotion. It’s a FACT that most people who have been successful at promotion broads have had preparation help and it’s also a FACT that most of them will never tell you.

Police Constables are still required to complete The Objective Structured Performance Related Examination Part 1 (OSPRE).

The change was introduced by The Police (Promotion) Regulations 1996 which was amended and removed the Objective Structured Performance Related Examination (OSPRE) Part II for the rank of Constables to Sergeant and Sergeant to Inspectors.

The NPPF allows promotion and a professional qualification in police management once a number of steps have been completed.

  • You must be competent within your current role.
  • Have a working understanding of the relevant law to your role, assessed within a three-hour multiple choice examination.
  • You will be required to complete a competency based assessment which has been created and delivered by your force.
  • You’ll be promoted for 12 months you will be offered developed and be assessed against the National Occupation Standards (NOS).