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Off-duty police officer dubbed ‘bravest of brave’ at national awards after chase with double-murderer

An off-duty police officer who was stabbed as he attempted to tackle a wanted murderer has been named as the “bravest of the brave” at a national police awards ceremony.

Police Constable Steven Denniss, from Lincolnshire Police, was off duty on May 31st last year, when he stopped a man who was wanted for a double murder.

Daniel Boulton was suspected of stabbing his ex-girlfriend Bethany Vicent to death and her nine-year-old son Darren at their home in Louth the day before.

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

PC Denniss was walking his dogs when he spotted Boulton standing next to a bench in a hooded top staring at a member of the public.

Upon seeing Boulton the PC realised immediately that the man was a wanted murder suspect.

But as the officer approached him, he was attacked by Boulton, who then ran off, as he chased after him he managed to stop the wanted murderer who then pulled a knife on the officer and demanded his phone, before stabbing him in the leg and running off again.

Even with a stab wound the injured PC continued the chase and went on to assist other officers to find his location.

PC Denniss then helped clear members of the public from the area for their own safety while a standoff occurred resulting in the suspect being tasered and arrested.

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Last February, Daniel Boulton was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the double-murder and 21 months for the assault on the off-duty officer.

In passing sentence, the trial judge, Mr Justice Pepperall publicly commended the constable. He told the court: “I commend PC Steven Denniss for his bravery in seeking to arrest while off duty and without any backup or regard for his safety to protect members of the public.”

Credit: Lincolnshire Police

PC Denniss beat 75 other nominations to be awarded overall winner at the Police Federations National Police Bravery Awards.

Helen Stamp, Chair of Lincolnshire Police Federation, said: “PC Denniss’s actions demonstrate that he showed tremendous courage in tackling a man whom he knew had committed such atrocious crimes, putting the safety of the public before himself.

“Thankfully he was not seriously injured but he certainly went beyond the duties expected of him.”

Police Federation Chair Steve Hartshorn said: “Across England and Wales, day in and day out, our police officers are going to extraordinary lengths protecting the public.

“They go to work every day, never knowing what will be ahead of them. In the face of danger and adversity, they go above and beyond their call of duty to protect all of us.

“Their acts of courage go further than any of us could expect, the bravery shown is truly outstanding.

“They don’t do it for recognition or praise, they will tell you they do it because it’s their job.”

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