Corrections and Clarifications

Corrections and Clarifications

Not everyone is perfect, We often make mistakes that require corrections and clarifications. 

It is within our values that we will not knowingly publish misinformation or fake news. 

we have a clear process in place that enables our readers to alert us to misinformation and request corrections and clarifications.

We have no intention of publishing content within Police Hour that could be classified as misinformation or factually inaccurate.

Corrections and Clarifications 1
Police Hour has a commitment to countering fake news and misinformation

We’ll hold ourselves to account and openly admit any errors or mistakes we’ll even show these on our front page if that correction is the most recent content we’ve published and it will remain on our front page until we have produced enough content for it to be superseded within our content algorithm.

We will never intend to mislead or provide our reader with misinformation (Fake News) we openly keep a record of our corrections and clarifications. We only make amendments to content that is deemed misinformation or factually inaccurate

Factually Inaccurate content 

Corrections and Clarifications 2
If we get it wrong or you have a concern about content we have published help us put it right by contacting our editorial team.

Police Hour enforces a strict internal code of practice to ensure we do not publish inaccurate information and take all editorial complaints, corrections and clarifications very seriously. Shall you wish to alert us to a change you think we should be aware of please let us know.