Cops Minds

Cops Minds 1

Cops Minds is a new charity launching soon.

We are currently fundraising to create a programme to support and improve the mental health and well-being of serving police officers.

We will create COPS MINDS a place for officers to turn when things get too much which will aim to reduce the feelings of mental health and anxiety for those within the thin blue line.

It is really important that we create a support service that truly supports the mental health and wellness of officers are struggling, it’s important to know that we are not alone and people can help.

We aim to launch this service and support for officers who are suffering in silence and need to reach out for support. 

We will aim to launch this within a non-judgemental non-clinical environment that will offer great support for those within the police service who will benefit from this level of support. 

We’ll fundraiser to launch service to raise funds to support private mental health counselling and treatment programmes that will offer a direct access root to mental health support for police officers. 

Unfourantely during a mental health crisis more support is needed especially for those within the police service and our aim is to launch this level of support. 

What we can say is it’s ok to not be ok. Please talk to someone if you need to. 

It’s important for those perhaps struggling to know they are not alone – and there are people there to help. if you would like to donate please click here.