Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing

Before you are able to start a training course to become a Police Constable within a number of police forces you need to have successfully completed the relevant qualification within policing.

The most commonly recognised are the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing (CKP) once you have completed the CKP it will remain valid for three years.

Why is the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing important? 

The CKP is now a key milestone within your journey to becoming a Police Constable and very soon all police forces across the UK will require you to have completed one.

The course will give you an invaluable understanding of policing and key police laws. The course will also develop your decision-making skills which is very important for Police Constables.

You will be required to complete 300 hours of study. 80-100 hours of this is teaching and the rest is home study.

The key areas that the CKP covers include but are not limited:

  • Using police powers fairly and justly
  • Social and community issues and neighbourhood policing
  • Responding to incidents and supporting victims and witnesses
  • Searching premises and individuals in a policing context
  • Taking part in planned policing operations
  • Interviewing witnesses and suspects
  • The criminal justice system
  • Legislation, policy and guidelines.

How much does Certificate in Knowledge of Policing Cost?

The average cost of a training course varies between £800 – £1,000. You will be expected to pay for the CKP before you start your training.

A number of forces understand that this may prevent you from applying so it could be worth asking them about financial support they may offer to help with the cost of your CKP training. This will be an interest-free loan and they tend to take it back from your salary.