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Video: Remembering Luke Jobson, Large crowd supports fami​ly

A large crowd gathered in Yarm to remember Luke Jobson from Thornaby whose body has been recovered from the River Tees.


Cleveland Police launched an investigation after Luke disappeared in the early hours of Saturday morning following a night out in Yarm.

An event named Ribbon's for Luke was arranged by the family and took place at the Wharf in Yarm, which became the location of emotional scenes as thousands gathered to pay their respects and support the family of Luke.

During the event, Kelly Jobson thanked everyone who helped in the search for her missing nephew and has supported the family.

She thanked the crowd told supporters that she feels like they have been an army for Luke and for this reason they will keep the memory of Luke alive.

Cleveland Police have urged social media users to think before they comment in relation to their investigation into the suspected Manslaughter of Luke Jobson.

Officers have arrested a number of people in relation to the incident and their investigation is very much active and ongoing.

Personal Statements for Promotion Part 1: Written Application

Police Promotion

Many police forces ask promotion candidates to submit a personal statement as part of their promotion process. Vast cohorts of candidates fail the initial stages of a selection process. It happens every year! Aspiring to Sergeant or Inspector rank? If so, you should start on your own personal statement now.

Your force may not ask you directly for a personal statement. It’s more likely to be phrased as follows:

  • Tell us why you are right for the role of Sergeant/Inspector? Why now?
  • What relevant attributes do you possess for promotion to Sergeant/Inspector rank?
  • Tell us about your experience and qualifications that support your immediate promotion to Sergeant/Inspector?

Why You?

“When aspirations are perceived to be achievable, ambition and drive can erase excuses.” - Lori Myers

All the bullet points above are essentially the same. Simply, they are prompts seeking answers to the question: Why You?

Your personal statement helps you ‘sell’ your skills, knowledge and achievements to those considering you for promotion. It’s an extremely valuable opportunity for you, to persuade assessors of your suitability for advancement: in writing.

For many officers, it’s a wasted opportunity. Some are unaware of the importance of personal statements. Others start too late. Another issue is writer's block. This is because personal statements can be difficult to compile, especially under self-inflicted time pressure of short submission deadlines. Consequently officers produce a simple career summary, instead of doing the following:

  1. Specifically answering the question/s.
  2. Ensuring evidence relates to role functions and behaviours.
  3. Aligning content to the competency framework and shared values.


“In every single thing you do, you are choosing a direction. Your life is a product of choices.” - Dr Kathleen Hall

A personal statement is something I encourage every aspiring promotion candidate to commence ASAP. Most importantly, if you are reading this you can get to work on yours now. Besides, it’s in your power and an important choice.

Capturing the essence of who you are, with supporting evidence aligned to specific competencies, can be a difficult task. Doing so in just a couple of hundred words needs dedicated time. If you aspire to promotion now or in the near future, give yourself time. Here’s a two-word plan: START TODAY! It’s probably one of the most significant choices you will ever make on your promotion journey.

Even if your own force doesn’t require applications as part of a promotion selection process:

  • It is still a valuable development exercise.
  • You can also compile a personal statement to support your promotion interview preparation (I’ll cover more on that in Part 2).
  • Done well, your personal statement is a gift to yourself that keeps giving.

Use the three points at the beginning of this blog as a prompt to get started. Because even if it’s just writing down your first draft, you’ll be thinking on the right tracks and it will serve you well.

“General Information”

“The Devil Is In The Detail” - Aby Warburg

At the beginning of your application form, there is usually a “general information” section. You will be asked to answer questions requiring  supporting information about your skills, qualifications or specialist knowledge.

This “general information” section may or may not form part of the application scoring. In any case, it is important to read through and carefully check the detailed guidance provided. Pay just as much attention to these parts! Use the opportunity, conveying what you can within the permitted word limit.

What you write in this section may ultimately influence which role/post you are promoted into. This is because officers are needed where they will be most effective to the force.

Don’t let your focus or standards drop on this section, even if you are informed it will not form part of the scoring. Always take such advice with a pinch of salt, because it still requires professionalism!

By the way, I purposefully put “general information” in inverted commas: Don’t be fooled! They are not looking for general information. They are really looking for specific information, matching you to the role functions and behaviours.

So what does a personal statement look like?

“Putting pen to paper lights more fire than matches ever will” - Malcom. S. Forbes

Here’s a typical first section on a promotion application form. This seeks general information on personal motivation and development for promotion to Inspector rank:

How do you meet the requirements for the rank of Inspector? Tell us why you believe you are right for the role now. Your evidence should cover your personal motivation and your development to get to this point. (450 words)

You may notice that these instructions contain four separate points. Breaking them first down into sub headers will help ensure you cover each required element of the question. Here's the example response:

I believe I am right for the role of Inspector because I possess a proven track record of leadership ability. I am aware of current/future challenges facing policing including greater public scrutiny/expectations, complexity of demand and changes in technology/crime types.

As Temporary Inspector, I have acquired a breadth of operational and leadership experience over two years. Together with strong commitment to shared values, this equips me to lead and support colleagues/partners through changes and delivery of future policing services.

I meet requirements for the role, having supervised constables, sergeants and police staff effectively, whilst performing at middle manager level. I also received a Chief Constable’s commendation for leadership following a stabbing of a male on a bus. My attributes include the required drive, energy and resilience necessary to ensure Anyforce remains a place where people feel safe to live, work and visit.

My personal leadership style is essentially transformational, favouring a supportive/empowering approach to colleagues. I am personable and treat individuals according to their needs. This people focus allows me to establish and maintain professional working relationships and to overcome barriers. For example, recent praise from community leaders for my influence in improving relations with key partners and stakeholders.

I concentrate on setting, maintaining and improving standards around what my teams ‘can’ do. I focus on drivers of public confidence, including the effective investigation of crime (ensuring Sergeants are managing investigations/reviewing workloads and updating victims), alleviating anti social behaviour in communities (allocating resources efficiently/reviewing what works) and delivering the best service possible with the resources we have.

Policing is a vocation for me. It inspires and motivates me towards career progression. I am ready for substantive promotion, but realise my capacity to grow as a leader is linked to my personal development and enabling development opportunities for others. My Continuous Professional Development (CPD) plan includes leadership modules (Managing teams through change/Leading critical Incidents), temporary Inspector duties, coaching/mentoring activity and utilising 360 degree feedback.

I communicate effectively and can work at all levels. I understand the role is about driving performance, through developing people and improving processes. I serve my wider community as a local School Governor, leading the school’s safeguarding committee. I am level-headed in challenging environments, accountable for my decision-making, most importantly supported by clear rationale. I maximise opportunities to identify the most vulnerable, by instigating sound risk assessments to ensure appropriate safeguarding is implemented. I am able to recognise and learn from mistakes, looking to identify lessons/good practice through debriefs.

As an Inspector, I believe that connecting my teams with our force mission, vision and values through my personal leadership will maintain a consistent focus upon building trust and confidence with our communities.

It is possible to convey a tremendous amount about yourself and your skills within 450 words. Imagine if you only had 250! Always use your full word allowance to compile the very best ‘pen picture’ of you and your potential for assessors to consider. You’ll normally have up to six additional questions or examples to deal with as part of your promotion application. These are more focused on specific competencies and/or shared values.

Therefore, it is very important to maximise the opportunity a personal statement offers, because you can communicate additional information about yourself.

If you are serious about achieving a promotion, it’s time to act.

“Being ready isn’t enough, you have to be prepared for promotion” – Pat Riley


If you found this blog helpful and you’d like more guidance on promotion, why not download a FREE GUIDE: ‘7 Things Promotion Boards Also Look For’ to help you on your way?

You can also use the code POLICEHOUR20 at checkout, to save 20% on any Rank Success digital promotion guides or bundles.

Luke Jobson: Teen hands himself in and arrested on suspicion of manslaughter

A 16-year-old boy has handed himself into police this after and has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

Police Hour this morning ran an appeal urging anyone who believes they were directly involved with this incident to hand themself in and speak to the police.

We would further suggest that if you are involved within this tragic incident and have not yet spoke to the police. You need to come forward and assist the police with this very ongoing and live investigation.

Police are now urging members of the public to be careful what they post on social media because it could destroy the police investigation, allowing people to destroy evidence or cause contempt of court issues meaning the case would never be heard in court.

Police have firmly asked that members of the public do not speculate when commenting on social media posts in relation to Luke Jobson, We need to ensure only facts are published and ensuring the police are able to conduct an investigation without further speculation in relation to the case, Think of the family when you are commenting and think this is a live police investigation.

Cleveland Police are warning social media users about thinking before they post on social media as officers contiune to support Luke's family as they come to terms with the trafic news that his body was found missing in Yarm at the weekend.

The case of Luke Jobson has generated a huge media interest, but the media can only report on what we can legally say, things that will ensure the court case can go ahead, because words we use could prevent any charges being brought and stop the case going to court, we have seen the speculation within the comments, and legally we cannot report or reproduce. We would urge you todo the same.

Police Hour would also urge non of our users to speculate within the comments doing so will impact the investigation, we will be proactively managing the comments and ensuring any comments which are offensive or speculative are removed and you will be prevented from further commenting within our social media networks.

Simply think before you post, think that this needs to go to court, and your comment could prevent that from happening.

Cleveland Police have commented saying "We appreciate that emotions are running high and that people want to show their support for Luke’s family and friends,

"but we would warn social media users that now that arrests have been made, speculating and commenting online about what might have happened - or the actions of specific individuals - could seriously jeopardise any potential court case.

Cleveland Police would further like to "Thank you for your understanding and co-operation."

Hand yourself in! Look at our special Luke Jobson there is more of you out there

Kelly Jane has posted an emotional Facebook post this morning following the arrest of five men on suspsion of manslaughter after his body was recovcered from the River Tees.

Tragically Luke was found within the River Tees, following a night out in Yarm Police are investigating a fight that happened, and reports that Luke

She wants the remaining people to hand themselves into police, and admits her families hearts are breaking following the death of Lukey

A special Event to remember Luke Jobson will take place this evening to rember Luke Jobson and to show our support as a community to Luke's family and friends we are inviting everyone to meet at Yarm Wharf (Silver Street, behind Sainsbury's to create "Ribbons for Luke".

Breaking News Teesside Said "What we are asking you to do is to go and buy a length of ribbon (Boyes on the High Street have some upstairs), long enough to tie to the railings and attach a message for Luke and his family (either a sharpie on the ribbon or attach a card).

"The location will be the railings on Yarm Wharf directly in front of you as you walk down the steps to the jetty (to the left of RiverShack). Simply being your ribbon, write on your message and tie it around the top of the hand rail."

Jane Kelly with Luke Jobson

The Facebook post read "LOOK AT HIM 😣 LOOK at our Special Amazing Luke Jobson Please SHARE remember you got me nearly 70 THOUSAND Shares on my first Plea post can you do this again for us?? 

"HOW do our family ever ever smile again in our lives we have to carry on with?? how do we carry on???? how how is this real?? 

"Our Luke would not have been put in this position and died if it weren’t for you bulling, chasing, scaring him.  

"There are 2/3 more of you C***s out here, Hand yourself in then rot in hell but not before admitting your guilt. His last breathe on this earth was him being scared from you lot how can you function with that in your mind eh?????

"My pain My Sisters pain 😩😩😩 My Family’s pain our ache we want to leave our lives & to be with you Luckey & cant  💔💔💔😩😩😩😩 HOW can I live two mins away from where you died 😩😩😩 i cant i know i cant i know you were trying to get to my flat my baby beautiful Lukey - 

"why didn’t you loy leave him alone???? your intent was to get him chasing him bullying him jealousy should not cause death it has 💔💔💔💔💔 our heart;s are not beating properly anym,ore till my last breath on this planet i won't rest unitl you pay.

"I want you all a unhappy life if you have to be here, you should not have scared my lukey.

"Hand yourself in"

Facebook post: Kelly Jane

Kelly then goes on to say "if  you feel you want to carry on with help in any way if you want to walk to the skinny path Atlas Wind of Yarm High Street, it runs along the Yarm School Grounds to the end of it starts the river

"It then has path regular dog walking path alongside river bank which goes right along back of high st towards blue bell pub - you can start other way behind Sainsbury’s an Walk right from there to come back up to Atlas Wind until it stop there an that skinny path will be the end

"If you want to just look only look with eyes on floor in skinny path or along footpath or see if you can visibly see anything bobbing in water that may be useless I don’t know anymore as I know specialist police have already searched this area.

"I now feel useless of course I will be going there it’s up to you now if you want too but if there is anything to see That may help get the rest of the bullies in 

"A man actually came all the way from Reading yesterday to help search !!! I thank every single one of you I know you have stayed of work , cried , got cold , got tired ,

"I am forever grateful to you I feel your love Thank you from myself and my family for this"

Cleveland Police this morning announced five people have been arrested on suspision of manslaughter.

Police searching for missing 22 year old Luke Jobson have sadly found a body in the river at Yarm this afternoon.

Although formal identification has yet to take place, Luke’s family has been notified and they are being kept updated while they receive support from specially trained officers.

Cleveland Police have confirmed those arrested are being held on suspicion of manslaughter. 

Police are investigating reports that a fight broke out and Luke was chased before he was reported missing. 

His body was sadly recovered from the River Tees. 

Five Arrests, While Yarm River Body Sadly Confirmed as Luke Jobson

A body recovered in the river at Yarm by officers who had been searching for missing Luke Jobson has sadly been confirmed as being that of the 22 year old.

Our thoughts are with Luke’s family and friends at this very difficult time and specially trained officers will continue to support them.

Five males who came forward (after police appeals for information on the circumstances leading up to the discovery of Luke’s body) have been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

Two 18 year olds and two 16 year olds have now been released under investigation, while an 18 year old remains in custody facing questioning.

We are aware of various rumours and speculation circulating on social media but we would stress that sharing these further can be very distressing for Luke’s family as well as being unhelpful to our on-going inquiries.  

If anyone has information they believe could help our inquiries please pass this directly to Cleveland Police via the 101 number, quoting Event 14944.

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Urgent Appeal Have you seen Luke missing following night out in Yarm

Update: Tragically a body has been found in the search for Luke, however no formal id has taken place yet, follow @PoliceHour for updates

Have you seen Luke? Last Seen in Yarm in the early hours of yesterday.

Police are trying to trace missing 22-year-old Luke Jobson who was last seen in Yarm in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Luke was outside The Keys on Yarm High Street before going up towards Osbournes and then was last seen near to Yarm School at around 2:15am on Saturday 26th January.

He was last seen wearing black jeans and a grey polo top.

Luke has not returned home or been in touch with family or friends and they are extremely concerned as it is out of character.

Cleveland Police confirmed they Were still searching for missing 22-year-old Luke Jobson who was last seen near to Yarm School at around 2:15am on Saturday 26th January.

The police helicopter is up and specialist search advisors are in the area.

Detectives are appealing for taxi drivers and other drivers in the area between 2am and 3am on 26th to check any Dashcam footage and those who live in Yarm to check private CCTV.

Anyone with information or who has seen Luke is asked to call Cleveland Police on the non-emergency number 101.