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Police Hour now included within Apple News

Police Hour are proud to announce that we are now available within the Apple News app on iPhone and iPads on IOS 9. Simply search for Police Hour and click add to favourites button at the top of the screen. We are...

Making A Murderer Are the convictions wrongful?    

Thousands of you have been watching 'Making a Murderer' if you have not watched it we would recommend you do. After having watched the Netflix progromme we are sure you will be fully aware of the situation. The true-crime show has...

Company part owned by Theresa May’s husband could save Police over £1 Billion a year

Could Theresa May's Husband have shares in a company offering police privatisation?. The simple answer is 'No'. We reported 48 hours ago that May's Husband had shares in a company offering privatisation. A number of sources told us he did. But...

Some police forces are at breaking point, gov warn they will deepen cuts 

Some police forces are at breaking point due to the massive cuts they have faced over the last five years. Most forces across the UK have become too inefficient to deal with more cuts, but the government have warned these...

Jim Gamble, Why the ongoing sexual abuse investigations are so complex  

In the aftermath of Panorama more posturing, infighting and loose talk is the last thing that anyone needs.  The Panorama programme last week on child sexual abuse highlighted the complexity of the current situation concerning ongoing abuse investigations, especially those...

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