Sunday, February 23, 2020


Police Promotion is the best you can be.

Police Hour has teamed up with Steve Cooper from Rank Success & Police Success.

This means we have decided to team up and provide you with free promotion content.

Therefore this content could help you develop a new mindset approach that could simply help get you promoted.

Most importantly helping you to be the best you can be and be selected for the Police Promotion.

Therefore it could ensure you have a fresh and new mindset and a clear approach to the police promotion process.

Therefore enabling you to explore your thinking and enable you to think about things you never even knew were taken into account within the police promotion process.

Achieve your dream of becoming a Police Sergeant or Police Inspector with our free content thanks to Steve Cooper.

Steve Cooper has personally put his heart into providing FREE content to the Police Hour readers. Content many other charges for

Steve is passionate about giving something back which he why he is not afraid to give out free information and content.

If you do require additional support then ensure you check out Steve’s website Rank Success.

The College of Policing wants you to drive your own development. What better way than by securing promotion with qualified, police-focused coaching? The College of Policing (COP) has recommended that officers should take responsibility for driving their own development. But maybe you think ‘If...
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