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Shaun gives the farmer the slip

Shaun who lives with his flock at mossy bottom farm was bored with the routine of sheep life. Hereford Cops posted on Facebook “Good Morning. We have been made aware of some sheep who...

Stolen KFC Colonel Sanders found under thief’s bed

A Stolen Kentucky Fired Chicken Colonel Sanders logo that was stolen from a restaurant has been found hidden under the suspected thief's bed The chicken incident occurred over Christmas when thieves took down Sanders head and legged it down Colchester...

Cop issues appeal for help spending 30p compensation after being assaulted on duty

A Police Officer has issued an appeal for your help after receiving 30p compensation, The officer was assaulted on Duty 5 years ago and received 30p. Compare that to Jermery Corbyn having an egg thrown at him just a couple of days...

HotFuzz: Police arrest angry swan in St Ives ‘road rage’ incident.

An angry swan was "arrested" by cops following what can only be described as a "road rage" incident. Cops detained the bird in the back of a patrol car in a HotFuzz style moment, Cambridgeshire cops detained the bird for...

Dog can’t stop smiling after finding dentures while digging

There are plenty of things that dogs can bring in from the garden, But the owner of Pandora did not expect to find some dentures. The rescued puppy was digging in the dirt in her backyard when she found some teeth. We...

Please stop ignoring us epic social media appeal for wanted Tracey Dyke

Kingston Police have released possibilities the most epic social media appeal for wanted suspected burglar Tracey Dyke. They urge Tracy to 'stop ignoring us' and that they've 'come round to see you a numbe or times' but it looks like...

Video: David Cameron has his Pig Sent Back to Downing Street Cops #PigGate

The news of David Cameron's little pig is out, Yesterday the nation was shocked that as a student Mr Cameron stuck his penis into a dead pig while it was resting on a freinds lap.  Tonight a group have decided...

Could this be the easiest burglary dection in history? 

Police in Kent may have made the easiest arrest after three burglars dialed 999 from the scene of the crime.  One of the burglars became ill and collapsed inside the property, the other two dial 999. When police arrived one man...

Oh No… Fire extinguisher Goes Off in Police Van… Here is the result! 

A Police Constable Managed to slam the breaks on and cover his crew mates as a fire extinguisher explodes in the back of the van.  Good going, What a hero. Although the other cops might not think the same.  https://twitter.com/ukcophumour/status/619568949420818433 

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