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Discover the basic mistake of most promotion candidates

The College of Policing wants you to drive your own development. What better way than by securing promotion with qualified, police-focused coaching? The College of Policing (COP) has recommended that officers should take responsibility for driving their own development. But maybe you think ‘If...

A Police Officer Proposed to his Police Officer Partner at London Pride #LGBT

A Police Officer today got down on one knee and proposed to his Police Officer partner. He did it in front of thousands at a London Pride Parade. The moment melted thousands of hearts at London Pride. https://twitter.com/MetLGBTNetwork/status/746699545225072640 Another Officer also proposed to...

Are these Britian’s Sexiest Police Officers? You decide! 

Meet PC Daryl Jones and Sergeant Kayleigh Webster they are both police officers who are protecting the people of Essex.  But some people think they could be the sexiest police officers in Britian.  The officers appeared in the Essex Police Facebook...

Large scale emergency incident in Stockton #ClevelandLRF

Emergency Services are involved in a large scale emergency incident in Stockton. The public should not be concerned because it is only a test. Last Year Cleveland Police carried out a similar exercise to put the emergency services to the test...

Police stand together with the world following Orlando Shooting

This weekend we’ve been devastated as a global community. The atrocities have hit us hard, and our condolences go out to all the family and friends who have lost loved ones, and to those who have been injured in the...

Sergeant Shelli Gordon Runs her Way to Victory

Fitness fanatic Sergeant Shelli Gordon ran her way to victory last week when she was the first woman out of the ladies who participated to cross the finish line at the 11.2 mile PSUK Police National Fell Race. Shelli, 38,...

‘Election Fraud’ New Police Crime Commissioner under police investigation

Alison Hernandez newly elected Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) is under police investigation. Hernandez is accused of Election Fraud for not declaring her election expenses in 2015. Hernandez was announced as the new PCC for Devon & Cornwall police on May 6th...

Sussex Police #RunningManChallenge Accepted,

It's seems the world of policing is being taken over by the #RunningManChallenge fear not we have another one. We love it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZhYYtOlWKE Sussex Police were asked to take part in the Running Man Challenge and local policing teams at...

Police Scotland Great Way to Start Kick Start the Day 

Police Scotland have been asked to do the #RunningManChallanage by the NYPD. They respond to the challenge In true Scottish style with kilt, bagpipe laden jig outside Edinburgh Castle http://youtu.be/DxXUffaOp7M They nailed it. Now it's your turn Met Police.

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