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dangers of social media and online groomers

Social media is a powerful tool and used in the right way is a power for good. But we must warn you online grooming...
Spit Hoods - Should spit hoods be banned

Why all Police Officers should be issued with ‘Spit Hoods’?

Police Forces that have issued police constables with spit hoods are taking officer safety very seriously and frankly, when it comes down to it,...
Police Pay

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat the new laws that impact you

New guidelines have been introduced to interpret existing law better in the UK today sets new limits and guidelines on acceptable behaviour online. The guidelines...

Dark Justice how can they benefit policing and child sex investigations

Dark Justice is an online group that are often compared to as vigilantes who pose as underage children to trap paedophiles. They are far from...
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Policing and the EU fallout… We can only guess for now!

We have left the EU so what does the future hold for policing and relationships within Europe. What impact with the fall-out has on policing...

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Policing Voices – Supporting each other… We can’t let the balloons pop.

Through the tool that is Social Media I have been fortunate to speak to a variety of people from many walks of life. During these...

Armed Police called to major incident in Hartlepool after tens of thousands of pounds...

Armed police were called to the scene of a major incident in Hartlepool. Four people were arrested and an armed standoff followed with armed officers...

Man who robbed bank with a Banana is jailed

A man who robbed a bank with Banana has been jailed for 14 months. Laurence James Vonderdell aged 50 threatened the cashier at the branch...