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New MOT rules, you must be aware as they come in next month

New MOT testing rules will be brought in from Sunday 20th May 2018 which effect cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles. From this...

PC Edward Walker is loving life at West Yorkshire Police

Not so long ago Police Constable Edward Walker aka Eddy set off on his travels with the support of Durham Constabulary. Since then there has...

Armed Policing…

Armed Police are just regular cops with guns, they volunteer to carry the gun and do not get paid extra for the risk they...

An attack on a police officer is an attack on your community

Today in South Yorkshire Police a police officer who was just doing his job was an attack, he paraded for duty at 7am and...

The Policing Pay Cap doing more with less!

In reality, we want to be able to pay police officers more money to do so policing budgets need to be reviewed and increased...

Police Officer driving at 140MPH shows how officers protect us each and every day​....

A Police Officer who released footage of his police car responding to an emergency incident on blue lights shows just how far our police...
Stockton Police Cleveland Police incidents on teesside

dangers of social media and online groomers

Social media is a powerful tool and used in the right way is a power for good. But we must warn you online grooming...
Spit Hoods - Should spit hoods be banned

Why all Police Officers should be issued with ‘Spit Hoods’?

Police Forces that have issued police constables with spit hoods are taking officer safety very seriously and frankly, when it comes down to it,...
Police Pay

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat the new laws that impact you

New guidelines have been introduced to interpret existing law better in the UK today sets new limits and guidelines on acceptable behaviour online. The guidelines...

Dark Justice how can they benefit policing and child sex investigations

Dark Justice is an online group that are often compared to as vigilantes who pose as underage children to trap paedophiles. They are far from...

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Police Launch urgent appeal to find 10 year old missing in West London

Police are currently urgently searching for a missing 10-year-old boy named Thomas Nugent. Officers believe he could be heading on a train to Paddington on...

Old Bailey murder trial temporarily suspended as mouse runs around in the dock

Today a mouse suspended a murder trial while court ushers attempted to catch a mouse with an empty water jug within the dock. While the...

Urgent appeal to find missing Peter Harker missing in Hartlepool

Cleveland Police have launched an urgent appeal to find missing Peter Harker who was last seen at around 1.40PM. Police are seriously concerned for the...