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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Trevor Sherwood

Children’s author and councillor dies after being shot

Children's author and councillor hs been shot dead in a Hampshire village shooting. The man died after being shot, He has been named as parish councillor, artist and children's author James Nash.

Coronavirus: Major incident declared in Greater Manchester

A major incident has this evening been declared by authorities within Greater Manchester after the rates in which coronavirus infection has risen. Greater Manchester Police confirmed that the decision was taken to enable...

Tory MP won’t be suspended while investigations are ongoing

A Tory MP and former minister who was arrested on suspicion of rape will not be suspended from the party while investigations are ongoing. The MP who has not been named was arrested...

Police begin searching land in Hanover in search for missing Madeleine McCann

"It's not clear exactly what police are looking for, whether its potential evidence directly linked to the disappearance of Madeleine or whether its something that's more connected to Christian B the suspect." German police...

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