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Steve Cooper is Police Hour's in-house police promotion coach. He supports police officers aspiring to Sergeant and Inspector in achieving their promotion goal. As a qualified management coach and leadership mentor, he provides a range of eGuides, coaching and promotion masterclasses to maximise the potential of every individual. He will guide you through smart, hard work to prepare candidates effectively for promotion success. Steve joined the Police Hour team in 2017 and brings a wealth of value to our readers in terms of free police promotion content.

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Feedback Sandwich Promotion

Feedback: Nobody Wants a Shit Sandwich!

“It’s NEVER OK to feed people shit sandwiches. Try perfume instead.” - Steve Cooper Sergeants and Inspectors are required to provide feedback to support improvement,...

Man suspected of kidnapping Northern Ireland businessman Kevin Lunney dies during raid

The main suspect relating to an investigation of the torture of the Northern Ireland businessman has died during a police raid. Police have confirmed that...

Teenage boy sentenced for murdering School Ellie Gould

A teenage boy will today be sentenced for murdering schoolgirl Ellie Gould. Ellie was tragically stabbed to death in her family home in Calne, Wiltshite...