The Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT)

PIRT Police Initial Recruitment Test is designed to put you to the test to see if you have the skills to become a police officer.

The PIRT will take around five hours to complete. The PIRT will be mentally challenging. You should leave the day feeling broken don’t worry this is a normal feeling after completing a police PIRT.

You may find that the day is not difficult but it is best you prepare for the type of assessments you will face.

During the assessment, you will be moved about to lots of different rooms and buildings. While you are being moved and waiting for assessments please be aware you are being assessed. Candidates have been removed from the process because of the way they have been talking before starting an assessment.

While you’re at the assessment centre they will be looking for the following skills that make great police officers.

  • Being able to spell words and put sentences together in the correct way.
  • Being able to check information quickly and correctly.
  • Being able to solve numerical problems correctly.
  • Being able to reason logically when you are given facts about events.

We would recommend you get yourself ready for the day and do a little work because less than 10% of the candidates that attend the PIRT are successful.