Level three heatwave warning

Weather Warning

To help you deal with the risk of a heatwave and be fully aware of heat an it's dangers we have compiled a list to help you be aware of the reasons why you should stay cool in the heat.

Heatwaves effect everyone and everyone should take steps to avoid the heat.

People at risk.

older people, especially those over 75
babies and young children

people with a serious chronic condition, especially heart or breathing problems

people with mobility problems

people with serious mental health problems

people who misuse alcohol or drugs
people who are physically active, for example labourers or those doing sports

How to stay cool in heatwave

We have complied some advice to ensure everyone stays safe cool and comfortable in the weather reducing risks to health.

Shut windows and pull down the shades when it is hotter outside. Open windows for ventilation when it is cooler.

Avoid the heat: stay out of the sun and avoid going out between 11am and 3pm (the hottest part of the day).

Wear loose, cool clothing, and a hat if you go outdoors.

Have cool baths or showers, and splash yourself with cool water.

Drink cold drinks regularly, such as water and fruit juice. Avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.

Plan ahead to make sure you have enough supplies, such as food, water and any medications you need.

Check up on friends, relatives and neighbours who may be less able to look after themselves.

Police Find two dead bodies

Two bodies have been discovered in the water at a Beauty spot.

It is believed two men's body's were recovered today.

Police were called to the scene today at 4.30pm after it was reported that a man was having difficulties in the water.

He was swimming in Bawsey Pits in west Norfolk. Upon police arriving at the scene they discovered another man had also gone missing.

Following a lengthy search which involved paramedics, Police, firefighters and the RAG search and rescue helicopter it was confirmed that two male bodies have been discovered. But have not been identified.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said: "Both bodies were discovered within the water and inquiries continue into the circumstances surrounding their deaths."

Police have asked people to stay away from the area.

Swimming is banned at the beauty spot, which is popular with sunseekers, but many ignore warning signs.

Police search for missing actor Paul Bhattacharjee


Police are searching for Paul Bhattacharjee, Actor. He was last seen leaving the Royal Court Theatre in Sloane Square, London last week.

Bhattacharjee aged 53 from Redbridge north-east London last texted his girlfriend around 9pm the night he went missing.

Bhattacharjee acting career has seen him in a number of movies such as Casino Royale.

Police have described his disappearance as "totally out of character".

Firefighter Stephen Hunt manslaughter charges dropped


CPS have cancelled bail of two teenage girls who were arrested in connection with firefighter Stephen Hunts death, who was killed tackling a blaze in Manchester city centre..

A spokesperson from Greater Manchester Police said: "Following an assessment of the initial information gathered and the accounts the two girls have provided, a decision has been made to take no further action against them at this time."

Cleveland Police Murder investigation arrest.

Cleveland Police have made an arrest in their investigation of the murder of Andrew Simon.

Police have been investigating the Murder since June 11th in which no breakthrough in the case has been made.

Andrew Simon tragically died in a house fire in the early hours of June 11th 2013.

Cleveland Police reported that the fire was suspicious, investigators have until now appeared to missed the gold hour within the investigation. The golden hour is the first hour of when the most witnesses are available and increased chances of concluding an investigation, each hour that passes more evidence is lost.

Cleveland Police seemed to be moving the investigation at a snails pace even turning to social media in hope of finding the suspect.

Although Police carried out forensic investigations into the murder inquiry it is unknown if this provided any breakthrough.

Cleveland Police are currently holding the unnamed suspect in custody in the Cleveland Police area.

Teesside Chemical Spill update

Following the Chemical spill from a vehicle on Stainton Way has now been contained, police have confirmed their is no longer an immediate danger or health risk to people nearby.

People are now allowed to go about their day to day business and are no longer confined to their homes.

Cleveland Police have thanked the people of Stainton Way for their patience and operation while emergency services were dealing with the incident.

A full multi agency response was in place with the opening of a gold command room at ladgate lane police Headquarters in place to respond to the incident.

Ensuring step were taken to remove the chemical safety.

A police cordon remained in place throughout today of 200 metres running meaning Stainton Way was closed between the junction of Cass House Road and the B1365 (Gables roundabout) with local diversions via Cass House Road and Viewley Hill Avenue.

Cleveland Police had a well planned and good response to the response they provided to the incident.

Dangerous Chemical spill in Teesside

Emergency Services and agency's are currently dealing with a chemical spill in Teesside which will have promoted a multi agency response and the opening of gold command room at Police Headquarters.

Stainton way in Hemlington will be closed for a number of hours.

It is believed a van traveling with dangerous chemicals has leaked.

Police have confirmed these chemicals are highly contagious.

Police want people to stay away from the area and those is the affect area to stay in doors.

Man critical after stabbing at Wireless Festival

A 20 year old man has been rushed to hospital in a critical condition after double stabbing at the Wireless Music Festival which is held in east London.

The man was stabbed in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford.

A second man was also stabbed in the incident which he is in non-life threatening condition in hospital.

Police have made no arrests.

Two dead in Leicestershire Plane Crash

Two people have been pronounced des following a light aircraft crash in Leicestershire.

Police became aware the incidents at 6.45pm after members of public reported a plane crashed in fields near Fenny Drayton.