Cleveland’s PCC Seeks Views of Rural Community

Farmers and those living in rural areas are being given the chance to quiz Cleveland’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Barry Coppinger, during an online web chat this week.

The “Ask Your Commissioner” event takes place between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday 24th October and is being hosted on the Police and Crime Commissioner’s website (

It focuses specifically on rural communities as part of the Commissioner’s objective to develop neighbourhood policing and provide the best service for all areas.

Much of the work already being undertaken within rural areas will be showcased at a Regional Rural Crime Conference which is being hosted by Barry Coppinger in conjunction with Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg.

The conference is to be held at Gisborough hall on Monday 11th November, and anyone wishing to attend should contact [email protected] or call Inspector Dan Maddison on 01642 302030.

Barry Coppinger said: “We have recognised that the needs of rural communities can be very different to those of urban areas and are taking proactive measures to ensure that we develop a tailored policing service which serves all of our communities.

We have dedicated Rural Liaison Officers in each of our four Local Policing Areas, and have developed the Farmwatch scheme to provide crime prevention information and advice for the farming community but I am keen to hear the views of people living in rural areas to understand how we can better meet their policing needs. The webchat will give people the opportunity to express their views in advance of the conference and highlight any issues which they feel the police need to be tackling.”

If you would like to submit a question prior to the event, please email [email protected] or tweet your question to @Cleveland_PCC.

The live webpage can be found at the following link:

Teesside Incidents Media World

We are delighted to announce that after many months in the planning Teesside Incidents has now launched our new official website.

We aim to bring you the best of Teesside News as it happens and before any other media provider in Teesside.

We are brining together a team of experienced journalist to provide a Teesside wide media group.

We will promote all things good, along with the latest incidents happening across Teesside.

Please let all of your friends know that Teesside Incidents has arrived.

We are still developing our webpage and aim to have it up and running fully soon.

Body found in storm well

Cleveland Police have launched an investigation following the discovery of an unknown man which was discovered in a storm well in Middlesbrough.

The mans body could have laid undiscovered for as much as three months before it was discovered.

Cleveland Police has confirmed everyone who has been reported missing in that time period has been accounted for leaving police pondering over the matter.

The body itself was discovered exactly a week ago by Northumbrian Water at their sire on Cargo Fleet.

Police are now contacting other forces to identify any potential missing people.

Tony Mowbray has left Middlesbrough

It has been announced tonight that Tony Mowbray has left boro with immediate effect.

Assistant Manager Mark Venus will stay in charge until a replacement is found.

more follows

#plebgate police apologise for misjudgement

Three under pressure police officers have apologised for their apparent poor judgement during a briefing the media about the plebgate scandal.

The three police officers Ken MacKaill, Stuart Hinton, and Chris Jones said they had not planned to mislead the public.

All three came under increased pressure and scrutiny when Andrew Mitchell, who's covert recording contradicted the police officers account of the meeting.

Mitchell resigned from his cheif whip position after a foul mouthed rant at police officers, who's account calls the officers 'plebs' a word mitchell commonly used around west minster.

Insp MacKaill from West Mercia Police, Det Sgt Hinton from Warwickshire Police, and Sgt Jones from West Midlands Police said they had decided to issue a statement "in response to public concern generated by the widely reported outcome of West Mercia's investigation into matters arising from the meeting".

"The reputation of, and public confidence in, the police service is of immense concern to each of us.

"We acknowledge the investigation's criticism relating to our poor judgement in talking to the media following the meeting with Andrew Mitchell, for which we take this opportunity to apologise.

"We would like to emphasise (as we did to the investigation) that in no way did any of us ever plan or intend to mislead anyone about what occurred during this meeting or otherwise."


14 Year Old Manchester Uni sex assults guilty

The 14 year old boy who was arrested following a number of sexual assaults in Manchester has pleaded guilty.

He has been charged and pleaded guilty at court to five sex assaults against five separate women in an area close to the University of Manchester.

The boy has been granted bail until the 2nd of December, he must live and sleep at his parents home and must be home between the hours of 6pm - 6am.

he is banned from entering the university campus.

Facebook outage Switch to Twitter @BNPOLICE

Facebook is this afternoon experiencing a blackout, People have been unable to update their status since 1PM.

Facebook has been unable to confirm whether or not this is a technical problem, We are urging all of our users who follow us on social media during the outages which has effected our main social networking page to follow us on Twitter

Everyone should follow our twitter account just in case this issue happens again, meaning you can keep updated with the latest breaking news.

'Banjo Bobby' strikes a chord with crime prevention ditty

WEST Midlands Police has unveiled its latest instrument in the fight against crime - the 'banjolele'! A banjo-ukulele hybrid has been adopted by Police Sergeant Giles Dean as a novel way of spreading important security messages -- and he's hoping his George Formby-style "When I'm Burgling Houses" will persuade people to keep homes and cars secure.

London terror offences two charged

The Metropolitan Police have this evening charged two men who were arrested in London last weekend with terrorism offences.

Both men have been charged under separate offences. A 25 year old man was charged under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 and Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

The second mam also 25-year-old was charged under Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000 and Section 4 of the Identity Documents Act 2010.

Both men will appear at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday.

#plebgate police should not say sorry

Andrew Mitchell has caused such an unnecessary media storm that has long been running because of his foul mouthed rant at officers.

Whether the word pleb was misheard or not Andrew Mitchell was known to use this around Westminster and Admitted shouting foul words at Police Officers which he has still failed to give his apology for.

After all police officers can only record what they believe they heard, and we can see no apparent reason as to why in this quick unexpected exchange why the police accuse Mitchell of a such uncommon word, knowing of a pending media storm and potential high risk of losing their job and face criminal actions, which is made clear to anyone making a police note book entry or police statement.

Mitchell knew he was in the wrong, Why else would he have resigned his position as a senior government chief whip, why would a Police Officer want to set up a member of the government.

Now the Government is ganging up against Three Police Officers and Three Chief Officers for an apology that Mitchell does not deserve.

Mitchell has used his political influence to spin the situation out of control, At the end of the day he caused such a media storm by not getting off his bicycle and using another gate because police officers were unable for reasons unknown to us use open the main gate of downing street, which considering it was Downing Street this would have been security reasons.

Because Mitchell did not get his own way the situation has been turned on its head in an attempt to cast a dark shadow over the integrity of british policing.

Why should Three Police Fed reps be forced to say sorry and why should now three chief constables be forced to do so, because the government this the police are wrong.

What about the damage government have done to policing? we still await that apology that will never come.