High Speed Police Chase

Photo by Incidents on Teesside

A high speed police chase through the streets of hartlepool has resulted in a police car smashing in to a wall.

Incidents on Teesside reported a high speed chase had taken place in hartlepool, police are reported to have been chasing a silver Ford Kia.

During a chase a police car is believed to have crashed in to a residential wall.

It is not known if anyone was hurt.

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LAX Airport Two people shot

Breaking News understands that two people have been shot by the suspect using a rifle in Los Angeles Airport.

It is believed the gunman opened fire at terminal 3 security check point.

The airport is currently being evacuated.

Gunman opened fire in LAX airport

It is believed a Gunman opened fire at a security check point in LAX airport.

It is believed Lax employees are injured.

The airport is currently being evacuated.

active shooter in terminal three.

There are reporting that an active shooter in terminal three of LAX international Airport.

More as we get it.

Lax Airport Shooting

LAX airport is currently being evacuated and the airport has confirmed an "incidents is underway"

They have confirmed there has been a shooting within the airport.

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Baby P mother released on licence

The mother or Baby P has today been released from prison it has been confirmed to build her life backup.

Tracey Connelly, the mother of baby p was jailed in 2009 for causing or allowing the death of her son baby peter in May 2009. She is now free to walk the streets and has been released from prison on licence.

Connelly was allowed to be
freed from prison after a Parole Board on her second review of the case. Allowing her to be recommended for release on licence, after she failed the first just months ago.

Ministry of Justice spokeswoman said: "Offenders on licence are subject to a strict set of conditions and controls.

"Examples include curfews, restrictions on their movements and frequent meetings with their offender manager. If an offender breaches their licence conditions, they can be recalled to custody."

Her son Baby Peter Connelly died in August 2007, he had 50 different injuries after he was subject to abuse by her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen.

Baby P mother is not back in Tottenham

It has been confirmed tonight that the mother of baby p who allowed her son peter to be murdered by torture is 'unlikely' to have been moved back to Tottenham.

Tracy Connelly lived in Tottenham until August 2007 when her son baby Peter was murdered.

Baby P mother remorse not deciding factor

It has been revealed that the deciding factor in the case of the mother of dead Baby P is not remorsefulness.

Tom Rendon chairman of the National Association of Probation Office has confirmed.

He confirmed that it was a matter of safety to the public and not remorse for the crime she committed.

Teen arrested over murder of pizza man

Police have this evening arrested a 17-year-old in connection with the murder of Thavisha Lakindu Peiris,

Thavisha was stabbed to death in Sheffield during his last shift as a delivery driver.

Monster Freed From Prison

Tracy Connelly was jailed in May 2009 for doing nothing while her own baby boy was toured at the age of 17-months her son Peter was tortured that much he died.

Her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen tortured him to death. She dis nothing but lie to medical professionals about his injuries.

Now she is free.