Police given green light to stop locking up Cannabis users

Police Officers across the UK have been given the go-ahead to stop locking up cannabis users they will now be able to use a softer approach.

It is now up to individual Chief Constables to decide if they want their police officers to arrest, caution, warn or let people walk free who are caught with the drug.

The news was announced by the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) announced the new approach, hoping that by encouraging cannabis users to seek treatment instead of prosecuting them, it could help lower re-offending rates.

Cleveland Police Assistant Chief Constable has  already stated that there is very strong evidence to suggest this approach will work, Meaning those within Teesside could face not being arrested if they are found with the drug he said

"There is strong evidence to suggest that recommending minor offenders for early intervention treatment instead of pursuing convictions can prevent re-offending and result in the best outcome for both the user and the criminal justice system.

It is a matter for chief constables, in liaison with their police and crime commissioners, to determine operational priorities."

Harwin made it clear that users would not be pressured by the police to seek treatment, with the main aim is for people to take up the offer of the treatment which could help them.

Cannabis is still classified within the UK as a Class B drug, meaning if you are caught in possession of it can lead to a prison sentence of up to five years, and an unlimited fine.

But that could change depending on how your Chief Constable believes the issue should be handled.

You'll still face an unlimited fine and a prison sentence of up to 14 years if you are dealing with the drug or growing it.

Harwin added that despite the softer approach large scale drug dealers will still be pursued by chief constables

There are a range of options for dealing with those found in possession of cannabis or who cultivate the plant that are proportionate to individual circumstances – these include out-of-court disposals and cannabis warnings, as well as prosecution.

In response to the announcement, the Home Office emphasised police chiefs are still expected to enforce the law, with possession of cannabis continuing to be a criminal offence.

The Home Office has added they still expect that the law will be enforced in relation to possession of cannabis which will continue to be a criminal offence. So maybe the Government doesn't agree with the new approach which will be adopted by Chiefs.
But the Chiefs believe that the new approach will help cut down on re-offending rates by dealing with the possession of cannabis for personal use in a more effective way.
Only time will tell if this approach works and how different forces across the UK decide to adopt their own approach from postcode to postcode.


Police arrest 15 year old girl after baby found dead

A GIRL aged 15 has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a baby was found dead at a house in Herefordshire.

Cops raced to the home in Ross-on-Wye yesterday morning following concerns for the tot’s welfare and tragically discovered a body.

The schoolgirl was arrested on suspicion of murder and later released on police bail, cops confirmed.

They haven’t released the age or gender of the baby but said the death is being treated as suspicious.

Police Commander for Herefordshire, Superintendent Sue Thomas said: "Police were called at around 8.40am on Sunday, March 24 to reports of a concern for welfare for a newborn baby at a property in Ross-on-Wye.

"On attendance, the body of a baby was discovered."

Police report that the death is being treated as suspicious and investigations are ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding the baby’s death.

The 15-year-old girl has been released on police bail while investigations are ongoing.

Father set todo nine challenges after baby daughter dies

Ross Coniam is this year attempting nine challenges this year to raise money for charities in memory of his daughter Norah who died hours after being born.

Our baby girl, Norah Faith, was born on 29th May 2018, weighing 8lbs. She was just perfect; the most beautiful little dot we'd had ever laid eyes on, it was love at first sight!

Unfortunately, our brief moment of ecstasy soon turned into a nightmare as Norah showed no signs of life and didn't breathe for the first 18 minutes of her life. She was whisked off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where doctors tried relentlessly to find any sign of hope that Norah would improve. But it was not to be.

After just 9 hours and 56 minutes with us, Norah spread her wings and joined the other angels in the sky. Her last 30 minutes were the most precious of our lives - my wife and I having cuddles with her, with no machines or wires keeping her alive. I will never forget how beautifully calm and peaceful those minutes were, just the 3 of us, even though we knew they would be our first and last with Norah alive in our arms.

In the weeks and months after Norah's death we have been supported by many wonderful friends and family, but also by charities such SANDS, 4Louis, Iolanthe Midwifery & Keech Hospice who are doing an amazing job at supporting families dealing with the loss of a child, and also providing research to try and prevent this happening to others.

I'm am proudly attempting 9 challenges in 2019, in memory of Norah Faith Coniam. I have no doubt Norah will give me the strength to complete each challenge.

Challenges signed for so far include:
March - The BIG Half Marathon
April - Virgin London Marathon
May - Isle of Wight 106km Ultra Challenge
(Joined by Gary Coniam, Barney Tuttle & Max Tuttle)
June - Endure 24
(Joined by Kieran’s Climbers)
June - London to Brighton Bike Ride
July - TBC (5 Day Challenge)
Aug - 24hr National Three Peaks
(Joined by Glen Coniam, Kevin Putman
& Ade Corcoran)
Sep - Great North Run

I am currently looking into some different ideas for the final challenge!

All money raised over the year will be split between the charities named above.

Please click here if you can help by making a donation

GCHQ shares top secret London Location hidden between Starbucks Coffee shop & a Pub

For the first time CGHQ reveal the secret London site we have operated from for over 66 years

Over our 100 year history GCHQ has had a presence in London. For the past 66 years we have been operating from a secret location tucked away on a busy street in Westminster opposite St James’ Park tube station. For the first time, we are able to reveal the role our Palmer Street office has played in keeping the capital and the country safe.

Today’s revelation is possible as GCHQ, whilst maintaining a London presence, will no longer operate from the building. It comes as we look to further extend our network of sites in the UK, with a new secure facility in Manchester opening later this year, bringing hundreds of jobs to the region.

As well as its headquarters in Cheltenham, GCHQ also has offices in Bude in Cornwall, Scarborough, Lincolnshire and Harrogate. In 2017, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ, opened its new headquarters near Victoria in London.

And earlier this year, Her Majesty the Queen, commemorated GCHQ’s 100-year anniversary by unveiling an historic plaque at a different London site – Watergate House, the first home and birthplace of the organisation.

Director of GCHQ, Jeremy Fleming said:

“As we depart our Palmer Street site after 66 years, we look back on a history full of amazing intelligence, world-leading innovation, and the ingenious people who passed through those secret doors. Then, as now, it’s a history defined by the belief that with the right mix of minds, anything is possible.”

GCHQ, or the Government Code & Cypher School (GC&CS) as it was known at the time, was established on 1 November 1919 as a peacetime cryptanalytic unit made up from staff from the Admiralty's Room 40 and the War Office's MI1(b).

During WWII, GCHQ staff moved to Bletchley Park where they decrypted German messages, most famously by breaking Enigma-encrypted communications, making a significant contribution to the Allied victory.

In the early 1950s, GCHQ moved its headquarters from the London suburbs of Eastcote to Cheltenham, meaning a suitable central London location was needed for the handling of secret paperwork and as a regular base for the Director. After a substantial search, the Ministry of Works provided a newly-built, Government leased building on Palmer Street. GCHQ moved into their new, secret London home in Spring 1953, housing a range of different teams there over the following decades.

The Palmer Street hub has played its part in significant events over the years, such as the 2012 London Olympics, working with our partners, MI6, MI5 and the Metropolitan Police to counter terrorist activities and serious and organised crime whilst keeping Ministers up to date with security briefings.


Reinvention and change is crucial if the agency is to remain ahead of adversaries in the cyber age. Earlier this year, Mr Fleming spoke of GCHQ’s need to keep reinventing itself. He said:

“It’s clear to us all that the world is changing at an unprecedented rate. It’s more interconnected than ever before.

“This is driving extraordinary opportunity, innovation and progress. It’s also unleashing amazing complexity, uncertainty and risk. To keep up in this digital era — to optimise the potential of technologies such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing — we know we need to keep reinventing.

“If we get this right — and I’m confident we will — the prize is a new kind of security and intelligence mission fit for our second century.”

GCHQ works alongside MI5 and the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) to keep Britain safe. The ingenuity and problem-solving of its wartime founders is still abundant today in how its people help to counter online and real-world threats from nation states, criminal groups, terrorists, and individuals.

Shameful: Youth smashes police car as woman bites officer

Police in Darlington have faced disgusting and disrespectful behaviour following a number of incidents on Friday evening.

Cops locked up one youth after he had thrown bricks at a passing police car resulting in the windscreen being shattered and talking the car off the road during a busy night.

Three police officers were the assaulted with one female causing injury to a police officer after biting through two layers of clothing, as well as hitting two other officers.

A spokesperson for the Darlington Police's D Relief Response Officers said: "Another example of what officers face on a daily basis.

"The female responsible bit through two layers of clothing to cause this injury and refused to let go.

"She bit a further officer and hit two others. Disgraceful behaviour.

The spokesperson added: "A number of youths detained and one arrested during the early hours after thinking it was clever to throw bricks at passing vehicles including a police car which is now off the road with a shattered windscreen.

"What goes through their heads? This behaviour will not be tolerated."

Police warning drivers who vape behind the wheel will be prosecuted

Have you ever seen a huge cloud of smoke coming out of a drivers window... Then they are Vaping and could be breaking the law.

Vapers are risking prosecution when vaping behind the wheel due to the likelihood that the smoke can cause the drivers vision behind to be obstructed reducing vision of other drivers which could lead to a crash.

Today RAC, has warned that driver could face the same penalty as they would if they were caught on a mobile phone.

Police have also added to this saying in certain circumstances vaping behind the wheel is against the law which could see drivers getting a three, six or even as much as nine points on their licence.

In more serious cases this could result in a driving ban, with an added fine of up to £2.5K.

The act of vaping itself is not against the law while driving it is the handheld electronic devices that have the potential to distract the drivers attention

One of the main concerns for police is the sheer volume of smoke produced when vaping which could easily obscure a driver's view of the road.

Sergeant Carl Knapp, of the Surrey and Sussex Roads Policing Unit, said: "The smoke caused by vapes is a distraction, and the consequences can be dire.

"All it takes is a moment to become distracted and potentially cause a crash or, even worse, a fatality.

"There are no laws prohibiting vaping. However, you need to be in full and proper control of your vehicle at all times."

Sgt John Davis, of Surrey Police, added: "Firstly, any person who is distracted in any way could be guilty of an offence - whether that be smoking, vaping, eating, etc."

He went on to explain that scenarios where motorists were deemed to be distracted by their e-cigarettes would be dealt with on a 'case-by-case basis'.

He added that specific laws regarding vaping behind the wheel were unlikely to come into place any time soon.

Sgt Davis explained: "I am unaware of any studies, either in the UK or elsewhere, where the effects of vaping have been looked at. In investigations that we conduct, any distraction would need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

"With regards a national discussion, it hasn't been raised as an issue, so it's unlikely to be discussed at a national level. The Highway Code also covers distractions, as does the law.

"It would be impractical to bring in a law for any new 'distraction' that comes along. The mobile phone laws were brought in and then penalties increased because it became a very real problem."


Man lied to police saying he was missing 14-year-old he was in fact a convicted criminal

A man who approached police and told them he had escaped his kidnappers and was a missing boy Timmothy Pitzen who went missing 8 years ago. in fact he was a 24-year-old man

The reason he claimed he was a missing schoolboy is unknown but his actions have created false hopes for the family of missing.

DNA results have proven that the man is not missing Timmothy. The famoly of the man who is a serial convict named Brian Michael Rini has been branded a "f***king idiot" by his own family.

The disgusting move has left the family of missing Timmothy heartbroken after giving them false hopes their son had been found.

Police have been searching for Timmothy since 2011 when he vanished following the discovery of his mum who committed suicide.

His grandmother told a press conference that she would never stop looking for him, Rini was found wondering the streets of Neport, Kentucky looking "bruised and skinny" on Wednesday and told police he was the missing teen.

He claimed to officers he had just escaped from two burly kidnappers who had held him against his will in a motel and he just kept running across the bridge into Kentucky.

Reni had just been released from jail three months ago where he had been serving a three-year sentence for trespass and criminal damage.

However, he claimed to police he had been held by kidnappers for 8 years within the motel.

He is a serial criminal and has a record sheeting dating back to 2013, his crime include the disorderly conduct, vandalism, burglary, unauthorised use of a vehicle, theft, making false alarms and passing bad cheques.

The incident has left the family with false hopes and heartbroken, they are devastated as they had become cautiously hopeful the boy was returning home once the police had spoken to him.

Timmothy disappeared without a trace CCTV showed him checking out at 10am the morning he disappeared.

Police later found his mum Any dead in a hotel located 100 miles away in Rockford, Illinois.

Officers launched appeals and searched across three states, launched tv and radio appeals but he has never been found.

Police Sgt Bill Rowley said before Rini was questioned: "We've probably had thousands of tips of him popping up in different areas.

"We have no idea what we're driving down there for. It could be Pitzen. It could be a hoax."

Missing Gateshead Teenager found safe and well

Thanks to everyone who shared the appeal emily has been found safe and well.

Huge thanks to the police officers who successfully located her.

Thanks to everyone who shared the appeal.

Missing people

if you are reading this help and support, is available we will simply call or text 116000 for free confidential advice.

If you are yourself sat reading this and thinking of running away from home please be assured help and support is out there for you.

Simply call or text 116000 they will be able to help you free and confidential.

Anyone who is currently missing from home ‘Missing people’ are here to help you whenever you are ready; they can listen, talk you through what help you need, pass a message for you and help you to be safe.

Call. Text. Anytime. Free. Confidential.

Hero police dog’s law could soon come into force

A new law could be coming in force after a hero police Hertfordshire could soon become a law.


The Law could be amended under the Animal Welfare Bill known as Finn's Law has now passed it's third reading in the House Of Lords.

It will now head for royal assent.


Finn is credited with saving the life of Pc Dave Wardell when a robbery suspect in Stevenage turned on them with a knife in 2016.


The dog suffered serious stab wounds to the chest and head, but did not let go until back-up arrived, and he was initially thought unlikely to survive.


However, only criminal damage charges could be brought against the accused over the injuries to Finn.

Finn's Law closes a loophole which means service animals, including police dogs and horses, are treated as force property.


Conservative peer Viscount Trenchard, who took the backbench bill through the upper chamber, said: "The Bill will make it easier to prosecute people who are suspected of causing unnecessary suffering to service animals, chiefly police dogs and horses, and dogs working for the Prison Service."

Missing 13-year-old Cameron has been found safe and well

Thanks to everyone who shared the appeal emily has been found safe and well.

Huge thanks to the police officers who successfully located him.

Thanks to everyone who shared the appeal.

Missing people

if you are reading this help and support, is available we will simply call or text 116000 for free confidential advice.

If you are yourself sat reading this and thinking of running away from home please be assured help and support is out there for you.

Simply call or text 116000 they will be able to help you free and confidential.

Anyone who is currently missing from home ‘Missing people’ are here to help you whenever you are ready; they can listen, talk you through what help you need, pass a message for you and help you to be safe.

Call. Text. Anytime. Free. Confidential.