Man in 90s dies after Ambulance blocked by parked cars

Ambulance crews who were called to save a mans life at a care home were held up for more than three hours by parked cars. While one of the ladies who blocked the crew in screamed "I've got a job to do aswell" but failed to move her car".

After a couple blocked the lane outside the care home for patients with dementia.

They left the lane blocked meaning paramedics were unable to access the care home until the police were called to move the cars.

Manager at the care home Lucy Hunt confirmed that there had been an ongoing dispute with neighbours about ambulances parking on the small private lane.

Two ambulances had been called to the care home after an emergency call was received reporting a patient who was critically ill.

Ambulance crews had then been intentionally blocked from accessing the care home by road, As soon as both ambulances arrived and attempted to gain access to the care home they were barricaded by a car at either end of the road.

They made the people aware that they needed to rush an elderly man to hospital using blue lights and sirens but were unable to as they had been blockaded in.

Sadly the man died before paramedics were able to make to him and help him.

Care Home manager Ms Hunt has said "I know that they get frustrated with the parking situation outside of the home. We are on just a small private lane but it was an emergency situation in which unfortunately a male resident died.

"It was two cars blocking the ambulances in, a husband and wife from the same household. It is absolutely disgusting. I rushed here myself, I had to park down the road.

"The gentleman did actually pass away before they could have helped him but if they needed to respond very quickly they wouldn't have been able to. The way the cars were parked, it was to cause as many problems for the ambulance staff as they could."

Another neighbour at the scene said the wife shouted at ambulance crews: "I've got a job to do as well!"

The lady would also not allow the two Ambulance crews back out of the road meaning it was unable to respond to any other emergencies until police arrived at the scene

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: "We are aware that ambulances were blocked in at the scene but there were no arrests." 

A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service urged motorists to be patient during emergency situations.

He said: "We were called to attend a serious life-threatening Cat 1 emergency in Battle (East Sussex) at 5pm on Wednesday, 13 February. While every effort was undertaken to park responsibly, there were limited places to park and the road was very narrow.

"Unfortunately, this meant that during the time our clinicians were attending the patient, the road was blocked. A member of staff, on returning to the vehicle during the course of the emergency to get equipment, was challenged by a motorist who became verbally aggressive and the matter was reported to the police.

"While every effort is undertaken to reduce the impact of our ambulances on other road users, there are occasions when we may be required to block access. We would urge motorists to be patient while we attend to patients."

IS School Girl: British nationals have the right to come home MI6 head confirms

The head of MI6 has confirmed that British Nationals have the right to come back to the UK, after IS school girl Shamima Begum has made a plea to come home.

But added that the British Fighters return home would be potentially very dangerous for the UK.

Alex Younger told a press confrence "We are very concerned about this, because all experience tells us that once someone had been put in that sort of position, or put themselves in that sort of position, they are likely to have acquired both the skills and connections that make them potentially very dangerous.

"And also of course experienced extreme radicalisation, either in their journey to that place or when they are there."

While he was unable to comment on the case, he did make reference to the circumstances of anyone wanting to return to the UK adding that anyone who would put themselves in that kind of situation can expect to be investigated, questioned and potentially prosecuted shall they return to our jurisdiction.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbot commented saying "We are not in favour of making people stateless, that’s a punishment without due process." 

"If there are reasonable grounds to suspect that anyone who is entitled to return to this country either committed or facilitated acts of terrorism, they should be fully investigated and where appropriate prosecuted."

“Our priority must always be public safety. We need proper safeguards particularly if the individual is associated with an international terrorist group. All significant risks must be thoroughly assessed.”'

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Sajid Javid warned that he is not afraid to prevent Britons who travelled to joined so-called Islamic State to return home.

He will not be fearful of sparking a debate over what should happen to the school girl that ranaway to join the fight againsts the United Kingdom. He would "do anything required just to be able to come home and live quietly with my child”.

Ryanair flight decends ​into chaos due to mid-air fist fight

A Flight heading from Glasgow to Malaga has been diverted after it descended into chaos.

During the flight a mid-air fist fight broke out causing the flight to divert forcing the aircraft to land in Madrid after flight attendants were unable to claim disruptive passengers on the flight.

Passengers were greeted on the runway by Spanish police on Thursday evening and those involved within the incident arrested.

Thankfully the flight was able to continue to Malaga.

It is believed the fight started when a drunk man kept pestering a group of women who were celebrating a hen party.

very quickly two men began punching each other, which turned into a fist fight within the aisle forcing the air craft to land.

Cabin Crew asked passengers on the flight for help to bring the situation under control.

 Ryanair statement said: "The flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Malaga diverted to Madrid and the crew requested police assistance upon arrival after a passenger became disruptive in-flight.

"The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained an individual before the aircraft continued to Malaga.

"We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority.

"This is now a matter for local police."

A40 incident Burglary suspects dead after smashing into coach

Two suspects in a burglary have died after smashing into a coach while attempting to evade police on the wrong side of the road.

Met Police responded to a 999 call reporting an aggravated burglary at an address in Harrow.

A short time later police became part in an active pursuit, and called upon the police helicopter who attended to provide assistance, enabling officers to back off and allow the helicopter to track the incident from the sky.

Met Police have told Police Hour "At approximately 21:00hrs the vehicle being pursued moved onto the wrong side of the carriageway on the A40. The police vehicles did not follow."

"Police received a call at approximately 20:40hrs on Sunday, 10 February police responded to a report of an aggravated burglary at a residential address in Harrow.

Once the Vehicle moved onto the wrong side of the carriageway to soon was involved in a collision with a coach.

"The vehicle was then in collision with a coach near the junction with Kingsdown Avenue, W3."

Met Police have confirmed that there were three occupants in the vehicle. Two people one male and one female were pronounced dead at the scene.

A second man has been taken to hospital for treatment, his condition is currently unknown.

Thankfully no one on the coach was injured.

The London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade also attended the incident.

The road is expected to be closed for a number of hours. er serious injuries.

The Directorate of Professional Standards and the Independent Office for Police Conduct have been informed.

Cops spend nigh​​​t in haunted jail to raise over £6K

Brave police officers and members of the public have raised £6K for good causes after being locked in a Victorian prison.

They spent the night in the haunted prison to raise money to support the families of fallen police officers and to help reduce the crime committed by youth via the Lock Up facility.

The Officers were banged up at 7 pm and were released at 7 am, following a night of hauntings and ghostly goings on within side the cells. Again tonight another set of willing officers will face being locked up for 12 hours.

The prison is located at the Steel House jail in Birmingham, which was used as an active lockup until 2016. Many prisoners have been held within the prison, Some died within these walls most of them committed serious crimes such as murder and raped.

Those police officers spent the night in the Steelhouse Lane Lock-up a Victorian mini-prison which is steeped in history, the prison was in active use for over 125 years. 

Police officers from across the UK have taken on the brave challenge which will take place over two nights Friday 8th January and Saturday 9th January 2019.

Prisoners were barred from roaming the floors and walkways through the night and would be confined to their cells, many prisoners died here, significant paranormal investigations have taken place within the Lock Up since it closed. with significant activity reported on several occasions. 

Cops turned prisoners will be left inside the prison alone, as the lights go out on the historic prison and will be left to fend for themselves as the night cuts in and the haunting begins. This one is not for the faint-hearted only the bravest will survive, but once they are inside the Lock Up there is no going back. 

Tweets from inside The Lock Up

A quick briefing, before everyone is locked in a cell for this evening, unlike the prisoners who would of stayed here, officers are allowed to roam the darken corridors, shall they be brave enough.

Quick group photo, just after everyone was booked in for the evening, hats off to each and everyone in this photo, who have pledged some time off during their rest days, spent their own money getting here and raising thousands of pounds for chairty.

Cleveland Police The Dog Man Chris Green with Christine from COPS. It looks like PC Edward Walker is also spending the night banged up.

Durham Police Officers are joined by Cleveland Police Officer Chris Green, as they prepare to spend the night in a cell.

Mind you we wasted no time locking this guy up, he even attempted to get out the door, but he was quickly forced back into the cell, We did not allow him to walk freely he was barred from roaming, simply to protect the tea bags shouting, screaming and banging from inside his cell. No Tea for you Murray.

Come on.... What is that thing called that you place a golf ball on? Tea, go on make me a brew then. Not for you Murray.

A little bit of a ghost hunt, managed to keep people entertained and engaged until the early hours of the morning, what a fantastic evening.

It's always a pleasure to meet up with UKCH, they attended and managed to stay awake the full 12 hours. They always bring jokes, It is always fantastic to catch up with the team, We can say they were one of the 12 who managed to stay awake all night.

Where is the money going?

Please consider making a donation to help support families who have lost loved ones in the police service and helping the West Midlands Police Museum develop their engagement programme to do more work with the young people to ensure they do not end up in the cells ensuring there will be fewer victims of crime. 

COPS is a UK registered charity dedicated to helping the families of police officers who have lost their lives on duty, rebuild their lives.

The West Midlands Police Museum is fund raising to relocate to the Lock-up, preserving this historic building and ensuring our vast heritage collection can be made more accessible and enjoyed by everyone. We also aim to deliver inputs on current policing messages to young people – e.g. knife crime, drugs, online safety and child sexual exploitation. By celebrating our joint heritage, we also aim to build bridges with different communities across the West Midlands.

Please click here to make a donation and support the Lock up Lock in your donation will make a real difference. 

Warning to Middlesbrough FC v Leeds United Match This Saturday

Police Promotion

Cleveland Police are warning a minority of football fans who may be intent on engaging in disorder at the upcoming Middlesbrough FC game against Leeds United that their behaviour will not be tolerated.  

At a previous game in March 2018 against the club at the Riverside Stadium, five Leeds United fans were arrested in connection with public order offences and throwing missiles.

Officers warn that anyone found to be committing offences will be prosecuted and put before the courts.

Match Commander, Chief Superintendent John Lyons, said: “The overwhelming majority of football fans attending this match will simply wish to watch the game, support their team and enjoy the day, but sadly a small minority of fans attend matches to engage in antisocial behaviour and disorder, which can spoil the game for genuine fans and their families.

“Any incidents such as missile throwing, pitch invasion or public order will not be tolerated. Officers will be in and around the Riverside Stadium alongside colleagues from British Transport Police, Middlesbrough FC and Mounted Section colleagues from Northumbria Police. 

“There will be dogs trained to search for pyrotechnics and drugs at all entrances to the stadium and anyone found to be in possession of either will not be permitted to enter and risk facing criminal proceedings. 

“Our primary aim on the day is to ensure the safety of everyone in and around the area and to facilitate a friendly and enjoyable day for all the genuine fans and their families who are attending.”

A dispersal order will be in place in the Middlesbrough town centre area, giving police additional powers to disperse any groups who may be causing a disturbance for a period of 24 hours. 

Leeds United fans who are travelling to Middlesbrough prior to or after the game are encouraged to gather at Spensley’s Emporium on Albert Road, Middlesbrough.

For further updates on the game please follow @ClePolFootball on Twitter.

Shocking: Charity​ that cares for unwanted, abused & abandoned dogs targeted

The charity who help abused dogs have been left devastated after armed raiders attended the kennels armed with grinders.

A spokesperson for Maxi's Mates has said "They did grind the padlock and went round the back and forced the barn doors open .

"We don't know if they knew there were kennels as nearby farms in Boosbeck have been broken into."

The evil scum tried gained access to an area which houses unwanted, abused and abandoned dogs it is unthinkable what could have happened if they had gained access to the dogs.

It is not known if they knew there was dogs in the kennels, it is believed they were hoping to steal items from the farm.

Thankfully no dogs have been harmed, despite one of the intruders having a knife shaped implement or tool and grinders to cut locks.

This is certainly a professional gang targeting farms.

The Charity has been left feeling the costs following the shocking break-in at the farm which rescues animals who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Maxi's Mates is a located in the North East in a village within Dunsdale in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland and within the civil parish of Guisborough.

Damage was caused after 4 people broke into the kennels, they grinned the padlocks off the front, as they attempted to force into the site.

they did manage to get into an area of the kennels (The Barn) were no dogs are housed causing extensive damage that will cost the charity thousands of pounds to replace.

Maxi's Mates is supported by the local community via donations of money and food to help dogs who are found in appalling conditions, they are taken in loved and rehomed, Now security will have to be increased at the site which will come at a great cost to the charity.

The charity will now require mental shutters to be fitted to ensure the building is secure increasing the alarm system and CCTV within the site, Police Hour will be fundraising to help try and cover these costs.

If you can spare a couple of pounds, please help and support Maxi's Mates who work to ensure dogs are kept safe, looked after and rehomed.

CCTV footage has now been released of the four people who attended Maxi's Mates fully equipped with grinders, knives and tools.

About Maxi's Mates

Maxi’s Mates was set up on 9/10/12 by Jane Galliford & Michelle Cooper to raise awareness of other unwanted, abandoned dogs like Maxi was! We mainly helped those at the local pound  which was at that time Waterfall Kennels. Dogs that were in desperate need of a loving home and had somehow found themselves as a stray. For the full story of Maxi and how we rescued her from an awful existence please click on her photo below. 

With the closure of Waterfall Kennels, we successfully campaigned, raised funds and secured our own premises. Maxi’s Mates won  the Stray Dog contract for Redcar & Cleveland and we opened on 2/1/16. We are running at present with half of our potential  kennel spaces with 32 fit and ready.

Maxi’s Mates has gone from strength to strength from our humble beginnings charity and we hope that we can continue to progress to full capacity in the near future. To continue to help ALL strays regardless of breed, age or whether they are good with other dogs or not. They ALL deserve another chance.

If you would like to help and support Maxi's Mates please click here to Donate

Emiliano Sala: Plane carrying Missing Premier League footballer is found

The plane which was carrying the missing Premier League Footballer Emiliano Sala has been found.

The wreckage was located on the seabed of the English Channel this morning by a search boat.

The Piper Malibu aircraft vanished from

Radars near to the Channel Islands on January 21st.

Two boats had been out looking for the missing plane after members if the public fundraised to pay for the search.

Experts had reduced the search area down to just four square miles following extensive research of the flight path.

Sala had just completed a £15m transfer to Cardiff City from French club Nantes.

Urgent Appeal Libby Squire: ‘Significant concerns for safety ‘ of missing Hull student

Missing 21-year-old Libby has not not been seen for three days after she was seen leaving a club.

Police have serious and significant concerns for her safety .

Libby Squire was last seen by her friends getting into a taxi outside The Welly on Beverley Road, Hull, at about 23:00 GMT on Thursday.

She got out of a taxi near her home on Wellesley Avenue and was last seen on CCTV about 23:45 on Beverley Road. 

Det Supt Simon Gawthorpe said her disappearance was out of character.

Speaking at a press conference, he said: "Her family have described Libby as a very thoughtful young woman who always put other people before herself.

"They have said this is very out of character for Libby, and clearly that raises our concerns about her significantly."

Det Supt Gawthorpe said Ms Squire was spotted on the CCTV on Beverley Road, close to its junction with Haworth Street.

The officer said from there, she may have walked in either direction down Beverley Road or Haworth Street.

Police had made an earlier appeal to trace a driver who had stopped to help Ms Squire on Beverley Road, but they said he had now been located.

Det Supt Gawthorpe said Ms Squire was spotted on the CCTV on Beverley Road, close to its junction with Haworth Street.

The officer said from there, she may have walked in either direction down Beverley Road or Haworth Street.

Police had made an earlier appeal to trace a driver who had stopped to help Ms Squire on Beverley Road, but they said he had now been located.

Police have also asked residents to check their gardens, sheds and outbuildings to see if she may have taken shelter there.

Ms Squire, who is 5ft 7ins tall and has long dark brown hair, was wearing a black leather jacket, black long sleeved top and a black denim skirt with lace.

Urgent appeal: Baby abandoned in London park ‘was just 30 minutes old with umbilical cord attached’

The tiny baby was discovered in a shopping bag next to a park bench, in a freezing playground in Newham.

Without those who stepped in to help the baby, she would not be with us today. It was snowing heavy and it is believed the baby was just 30 minutes old and still had her umbilical cord attached when the baby was abandoned.

Police have named the newborn baby Roman, named after the street she was found in before members of the public took over and cared for the baby coming together and alerting the emergency services.

Baby Roman is believed to be doing well, but when she was found she was still purple and freezing cold, the baby could have been moments from death due to to the freezing conditions.

Roman had been left within heavy snow within a playpark, it is very lucky that someone spotted the baby after being left in freezing temperatures inside a shopping bag and wrapped in a towel.

Police say that a woman walking her dog past the play area in Newham noticed the bag when she heard a freezing cold baby crying at 10.15pm.

Georgina Player, 26, who lives around the corner from the play area in East Ham said: “The police came knocking at midnight to tell us what happened.

They said she was only 30-minutes-old when she was found – she even still had her umbilical cord.

She’s at Newham Hospital and I’m going to go there this afternoon to drop some things off for her – babygrows, milk, anything.

“I feel so bad for the little thing.

She was left in a towel and plastic bag on the ground, next to the bench – not even on it.

“The police had sniffer dogs trying to find a blood trial but they couldn’t, which makes me ask how she left in that state.

“Although it was dark, a lot of people pass through here. You have to walk past to get to the buses.

“I wish she knocked on the door for help but I think she knew someone would find the baby.”

Grandmother Rima Zvaliauskiene, 50, who found the baby, told The Sun she heard a crying noise from a Sainsbury’s bag for life

She went to investigate, thinking the noise was from an animal.

Rima said: “She was crying for her life. The baby saved herself.”

Her son Ovidijus, who lives just 100 yards away, rushed to help. He said the infant looked purple and was cold to the touch.

The 27-year-old added: “I would say it was inhumane, to do such a thing, to leave a baby like that.”

Slwek Pelka, 47, was walking his German shepherd through the play area just 15 minutes before the baby was found.

He said: “It’s crazy to think I was there just before, it was totally empty apart from a man sitting on the bench.

When the police and ambulance came, I thought maybe he had died.

“It was very cold and snowing.”

A 42-year-old mother living opposite the empty playground said: “I saw the ambulance and police arrive and paramedics running and holding a baby wrapped in a towel.

“At first I thought it was a stabbing and I was terrified. I was the only one in the house with my baby.

“They blocked off the whole area.

“It was freezing. It was snowing really heavily.

“It is really upsetting. She didn’t have to leave the baby in the snow and cold, she could have left her on my doorstep and rang the bell.”

A 72-year-old grandmother added: “My neighbour thinks the poor woman might have given birth there.

“I really feel for her. She must have been so distressed and she did the best she could.

“She will have known the playground gets busy and someone will have found her.”

Police confirmed that the baby girl is recovering in an east London hospital and her condition is now stable.

A police spokesman said: “She has been unofficially referred to as ‘Roman’ after the road where she was found, a small children’ play area on Roman Road.

“The child was discovered by a woman walking her dog with her children after she heard the child cry.

“When found they alerted the emergency services immediately. There were no other people present.

“She was found next to a park bench, not hidden. The child was discovered in a shopping bag in a white towel on the floor.”

Shane Clarke of the north east command unit said: “We are growing increasingly concerned for your welfare and I urge you to make contact either with police, your local hospital or GP surgery. It is really important that we know that you are safe.

“I would also urge anyone who has information that could help us to reunite this baby with her mother to come forward.”