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5.7 Million People visit Police Hour each and every month, as we continue to show rapid growth within the policing community offering FREE policing news.

Police Hour has developed a number of long-term partnerships with a number of ‘reputable’ companies who continue to support us with our rapid growth allowing us to develop and shape the business along the way.

Our vision is to support those looking to join the police, those looking for police promotion along with providing non-sensationalised policing news.

We are fortunate enough have the right support in place by our long-term partnerships and currently do not accept new advertisers within the website, We understand this could be frustrating however we have no plans at current to consider new advertisements across the site. 

However, if you would like to be considered for one of our long-term partnerships in Police Hour then please contact [email protected] ensuring you outline the following information

  • Total budget
  • Why you should be considered
  • What you would like to gain from the partnership
  • Why you think our businesses would be matched
  • Including a proposal for your planned partnership.

Our team receive a lot of interest regarding partnerships and we can only work with businesses that are matched to our business model.