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Police Hour was created in 2014 by Trevor Sherwood who had just Graduated Teesside University having studied BSc Hons Crime and Investigation.

Trevor had worked within policing and attending emergency calls sparked a little idea and the creation of Police Hour.

Policing provided Trevor with a unique insight and understanding as to what it was like working in the front line.

The idea came from the spreading of misinformation Trevor would attend emergency calls and serious incidents the next day he and his team would read the content within the local newspapers and discover a completely different story reported to the incident he had attended.

Content would often be negative towards the police often being reported out of context, misjudged and packed with false information.

Without a background in Journalism or having studied anything to do with the media Trevor wanted to create a media outlet that shares honest, non-sensationalised, grounded, balanced, truthful and honest content.

Trevor also wanted to share some positivity on the reporting of crime and policing news knowing that police officers within the media could not do right for the wrong in the sense they are dammed if they do dammed if they don’t.

He wanted to create a positive image of policing and news that was supportive of the front line.

Police Hour was born at the cost of just £1.50 and quick installation of a basic WordPress site. Without any design experience, coding experience and very little knowledge about running a website Trevor managed to get Police Hour up and running.

Within a couple of days, 300 people had visited the site in one day and crashed the servers we’d already outgrown our servers and needed to upgrade. The Web Host issued us with a warning but also wanted some more money to allow us to keep the website live. Already we’d gained 7K social media followers.

Within days we’d been suspended and banned from hosting, our news was gone if you could call it news when we first started our templates which we spent hours tweaking no longer why you may ask? 10,000 people had attempted to access our site which was on a really cheap web host that’s all we could afford at the time time.

Our web host was furious and would not allow us back on and would not allow us access to our backups and files everything was gone, The web host was furious because our website has knocked off 100s of other customers sharing the same server. We’d taken the whole server down. At that moment we knew we might just have created something good.

The website itself was originally created to provide honest, balanced and positive crime and policing news to members of the policing family, police Police Specials, Police Staff, PCSO’s and Police Volunteers.

Police Hour is a credible media outlet and we are a responsible media outlet we aim not to publish misinformation or fake news. We ensure our news is sourced and verified by a number of independent sources before we hit publish.

We also provide news content that will help counter misinformation which has been published within other news outlets to ensure fake news is minimalised.

We have different values to your average media group and that’s because we try and remain positive, balanced and non-sensationalised and avoid some of the content the mainstream media use it’s hard to create a media group that works when you work of these principles and values but we have managed to do it.

We are a powerful voice within the policing community. We cover ‘Leading crime and policing news’ recruitment advice, police promotion along with blogs from our community members.

We have worked very hard to bring you Police Hour and make reading our news as enjoyable as possible. Police Hour is owned and managed by an Ex-Constable and Police Comms support worker.

We have an amazing community of police officers who are connected with us on social media who all form part of the wider policing family.

Why do we have advertising on Police Hour?

We’ll be clear about how we make our income which is via advertising and the displaying of adverting content via partner agencies which will be clearly marked as an advertisement.

Running a media website is an expensive operation and we require advertising to ensure we can cover the costs of our equipment, technology, servers and people.

We are making these changes to ensure we fight misinformation and to ensure you can trust that Police Hour does not produce content to deliberately mislead our readers and if we do unintentionally mislead our readers we will ensure we hold our hands up and admit we got it wrong.

Giving it back to our policing community

Where possible Police Hour supports the families of fallen officers Police Hour and our readers have raised thousands of pounds for the families of officers who have died in the line of duty, We are very police supportive and like to ensure we pay it back, We’ll divert advert revenue to ensure we can further support officers when it’s needed.

We also Support the Care of Police Survivors We have supported COPS with donations, Events, and through PC Edward Walker who us touring the UK to raise awareness. The Police Hour team are very pleased to support COPS and the amazing work they do behind the scenes.

We have also begun officially supporting The National Emergency Services Police Memorial who are aiming to raise three million pounds to build the UK’s first ‘999 Cenotaph’. Something which the team behind Police Hour are proud to support.

Where we can we will help and support our policing community.

Police Hour has a commitment to countering fake news and misinformation

Our Values

Misinformation We’ll ensure our content is accurate, honest and written with integrity and is free from misinformation.

Credibility – We’ll not intentionally publish and repeatedly publish misinformation, We’ll always fact check the credibility of our content usually by credible reliable sources such as Police Press Team & Government Agencies. We’ll always ensure our content is verified by two independent sources before we go ahead and publish content.

We will ensure we always gather our content responsibility and publish that content within a fair and accurate way. If we make a mistake we’ll ensure we are open and transparent about making these. We’ll always make clear the difference between News and opinion to ensure this cannot be deemed as misinformation.

We will avoid deceptive headlines and will not include content that is click bait, false information or significantly sensationalize our headlines so that it does not reflect the story we are telling.

We’ll also ensure the same applies within relation to our in-house produced video content in relation to our commitment to credibility.

If we get it wrong or you have a concern about the content we have published help us put it right by contacting our editorial team.

Accountability  -by ensuring we are a transparent media we are demonstrating that we are accountable for the content we produce, ensuring we provide content that is trustworthy and can be relied upon as a valid source of content. By ensuring our team names are displayed next to the content along with ownership details of Police Hour.

We ensure we are accountable by ensuring we run a fair complaints system shall you believe we need to make corrections or amendments to our content because it is inaccurate and we will ensure we keep a public log of these errors, amendments and corrections.

We provide our readers with clear channels of communications to ensure they are able to reach us when they need us especially if Police Hour have gotten it wrong.

Supporting Policing

Police Hour is a non-political site, we do not write our content with a political motive or agender. We write our content with a reflection of what is happening within policing within the front line, with a reflection of what officers are telling us.

We will write our content where possible in a way and an editorial style that supports policing but stays balanced and always promises to tell the truth. If the Police get it wrong we won’t be afraid to provide content on that but we will ensure we try and remain positive where possible.

Our Aim 

Is to provide crime and policing news that people can trust, we want to be the most trusted crime and policing media org, by being honest, credible and accountable we’ll provide balanced factual news to our readers.

We aim to ensure our media org is positive of policing across the UK and is free from misinformation.

Our Promise “We will tell you the news that may be controversial, it will be balanced & not sensationalised. We’ll try and remain positive within our content and support of policing but we won’t be afraid to tell the truth”


If you would like to talk to us about a press or new business enquiry, please contact us.