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Police Hour: Policies and Standards

We believe in an open and transparent relationship with our readers. We believe in the #TheTrustProject values and are in the process of adopting these.

What is Police Hour?

About: Police Hour is the UK’s Leading Crime & Policing UK News, with headlines from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. 

Trevor Sherwood is the Editor of Police Hour, The Police Hour website was created in 2014 having grown from a social media page. Police Hour is read on average by 7 Million weekly unique readers,

We focus on sharing balanced non-sensationalised crime and policing news.

Positive & Supportive News

Police Hour aims to show the police in a positive and supportive light. We believe in the good work of The Thin Blue Line. But that does not mean we will shy away from holding the police to account, and shying away from the more negative policing stories when we need to highlight them. Through our headlines we have managed to raise over £200K to support the officers and families of officers features within our content.

What is the Police Hour Corrections policy?

We expect our team of journalists to be accurate at all times, but like you we are human and from time to time mistakes are made. That is why we have established a process of dealing with factual errors quickly and appropriately. 

You can get in touch to complain about any content at any time by contacting us

We monitor the Police Hour inbox at all times. If someone does contact us with a query or challenge a fact we have published we will take detailed notes of where and when it happened.

Rather than engaging in a discussion we will make a note of their name, number and a time of the email and refer it to our senior production team. If it relates to a legal issue we will ensure our dedicated legal advisor is aware of the situation. 

Once we have investigated what action is required to rectify the error we’ll make a note in our Corrections and Clarifications log.

What is the Police Hour Ethics policy?

Police Hour believes that having a good reputation as a news organisation is one of our most important and valuable assets. We achieve this through our journalism which will always be produced to the highest of standards. 

We will always ensure our news credible and from a reliable source which undertakes a fact checking process, while ensuring it is balanced and non-sensationalised.  These will be applied to both our official social media channels and within our own website.

It is vitally important that the news we wright represents the values we aim to achieve as a news organisation and this must follow legal and regulatory framework as-well as our own internal guidelines.  We support and work towards the values of The Trust Project.

What are Police Hour's Verification and fact checking standards?

Our team of journalists find and verify news stories and we expect all of them to be 100% accurate. To ensure this happens we ensure we corroborate claims and cross-check facts before we publish these. 

Police Hour always ensures that our facts should be reliably sourced, we also work with reputable news wires who follow similar verification processes. 

If we are unable to verify the developing story we simply won’t publish it until we can. 

Is Police Hour fake news?

Police Hour does not share misinformation or fake news, we have policies in place which ensures our news is sourced and verified by a number of independent sources.

If we get it wrong we are not afraid to admit it and we’ll share it within our Corrections and Clarifications.  You can learn more about our values.

Meet the team

Trevor Sherwood


Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news stories.

Steve Cooper

Police Education

Steve Cooper writes expert promotion content to support the development of UK police officers.

Sue Martin

Crime Writer

Sue Martin is a Crime Reporter with Police Hour. Sue Joined the Team in 2015. Sue mainly focuses on North East news and incidents on Teesside.

When was Police Hour Founded?

Police Hour was founded on the 18th April 2014. 


Ownership and funding

Police Hour owned and managed by Xilo News Limited a UK news company and is funded by advertising.