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About Police Hour Policies & Standards

Police Hour's mission is to connect with an audience that want's honest non-sesnsationalised news regardless of their political orientation. While providing the facts and context to help our readers understand.

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Corrections Policy

We expect Police Hour to be acurate at all times, nut the team are only human which means sometimes we may make mistakes. For this reason we have a corrections policy when it comes to dealing with factual errors quickly and appropriately.

Verfication Standards

Police Hour find, verify and develop crime & policing news stories - We always expect the news we publish to be accurate at all times. To ensure we do this we source our news reliably and corroborate and cross-check facts across multiple sources. We also check these against newswires which adhere to similar values and principles of news verification.

Ownership & Funding

Police Hour is owned and managed by BlueHouse Media. Funding is achieved by advertising content placed across the website.

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