The father had denied biting the child initially attempted to blame another person.

A Father who bit his own child cannot be named for legal reasons a court has ruled, He was arrested after a bite mark was spotted on the toddler’s upper body by another person.

Since the incident the rather has engaged with a therapist to tackle his anger issues and had no previous convictions.

Crown Prosecutor Caroline McGurk told the court that the father had denied biting the child and initially attempted to blame another person.

The judge said that the incident was an unpremeditated act which only lasted for a short period of time, in which he completely lost his temper with a little girl.

The Recorder of Middlesbrough, Judge Paul Watson, told him “What you did was completely unforgivable. It wasn’t just a nip it was a full-on bite that you held for several seconds and it must have been exceptionally painful for this little girl.”

The judge fully accepted the unnamed father’s remorse which was immediate saying “I fully accept that your remorse was immediate and you have regretted it”, continuing: “You’re not somebody, I’m satisfied, who is ever likely to commit this sort of offence again

“You have taken steps to ensure that you don’t repeat this sort of conduct.”

Despite biting the little girl and causing what must have been exceptional pain for the little girl the father received a suspended jail sentence of 10-months which has been suspended for 12 months, meaning if he does not commit a similar offence within 12 months he won’t go to prison.

He has been ordered to 25 rehabilitation activities after pleading guilty to one count of child cruelty.