Absolute Heroes: Hero cops save the lives of who stopped breathing in gas leak

Two brave police officers who are absolute heroes having put their own lives at risk saved the lives of two others who stopped breathing.

PC Sarah Crawford, and an officer we can’t name, responded to a call from a distressed woman who said she couldn’t wake up her husband and their 15-year-old son.

Officers could smell gas coming from the family home – a boiler had leaked and set off a small explosion.

The officers were advised by control to get out, but they both decided to stay and help.They opened the doors and windows to allow the gas to escape, but as she returned to check on her casualty, PC Crawford found that the boy had stopped breathing.

She administered CPR and once he had started breathing, dragged him to safety outside. The second officer continued to provide first aid to the father until paramedics arrived. Both father and son made a full recovery.

Both officers waited until the victims were in the ambulance and there was nothing more they could do before finally accepting medical treatment.

They were back on duty the next day.

Gloucestershire Police Federation Chair Steve James said: “This incident would have proved to be fatal if it wasn’t for the officers’ intervention.”