Covid isolation: List of sectors where workers may be exempt from isolation revealed

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Workers within green list jobs will be allowed to leave isolation to travel and attend work but must return to isolation when they’ve finished work.

The UK government has this evening released a lost of sectors where fully vaccinated workers may be exempt from isolation if they are told they must quarantine after coming into close contact with a positive COVID case.

Those sectors currently include energy, civil nuclear, digital infrastructure, food production and supply, waste, water, veterinary medicines, essential chemicals, essential transport, medicines, medical devices, clinical consumable supplies, emergency services, border control, essential defence outputs, and local government.

People who work within these sectors will be allowed to leave isolation to be allowed to travel to work but must remain at home all other times.

The announcement comes after the government announced they would publish a list of critical jobs which would be exempt from isolation with exemptions limited to a number of limited critical roles.

Workers are warned that they will only be exempt if their employer has received a letter from the government on which their name is listed.