Tree cut in half after row with a neighbour over pigeon poo

Image credit BBC News.

A neighbourly dispute has resulted in a tree between the two drives being cut in half after negotiations fell apart.

Bharat Mistry aged 56 being left with half a tree, the other neighbour who does not wish to be named didn’t like the nesting pigeons and the mess they brought to his side of the drive-in Waterthorpe, Sheffield.

The two people had attempted to reach an “amicable solutions” before one of them took action and called in a tree surgeon.

They had initially asked for the tree to be removed last March but after a number of discussions about trimming it back or installing nets to prevent birds from nesting.

However this resulted in the unnamed neighbour of 28 years taking it upon themselves to cut half of the tree down before an agreement could be reached.

An increased number of people have been visiting the tree which has become a popular tourist attraction since images were posted on social media.

Mr Mistry told The BBC News “You can imagine when he first did it we were angry, Obviously after a couple of days we calmed down a bit.”

Hopefully they can now move forward after the drastic action was taken and the community becomes more settled.