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No Duff This is not a drill this is mental health support

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No Duff is military coms for the term “This is not a Drill” which is exactly what No Duff is which focuses on those who suffer from mental health as a result of the service.

People who are suffering mental health or PTSD can often feel like they are in a dark place, they will feel alone and need support, but no matter which direction they turn they struggle to find the support they need.

You could feel trapped and seem like things will never change and that you cannot become unstuck, you really need that help but cannot find a way out, you cannot see the light.

No Duff will help you find that way out and show you the light at the end of the tunnel, and ensure you are not alone. Because being diagnosed with a mental illness should never be an issue or a worry because not all wounds are visible, and No Duff will aim to help you smash through those barriers, breaking the everyday stigma that is surrounded by mental health.

If you need No Duff you can send then a test send a text message to 07944440356 starting with “No Duff” we then know help is required asap.

No Duff is a Not-for-profit community interest company and they aim to provide help and support to serving and former members of the HM forces, police, emergency services, NHS, Prison Service and animal welfare roles.

If you are in a mental health crisis and need some support now you can call 07944440356

Dean Owen who created No Duff said “No Duff is unique because they do not differentiate between the services but take the view that if you have served the Country or Community you are part of one big family.

“Tragically, suicides from both serving and former members of these organisation are on the rise and No Duff UK aims to try and help prevent this.

There is often limited help on offer from within those organisation when serving and virtually none when retured

What is No Duff?

What does ‘No Duff’ mean? No Duff is a military term meaning “This is not a drill” which captures exactly the mind-set of the company when it comes to Mental Health.

No Duff UK was founded in 2019 by CEO Dean Owen. Dean has served in the Military, Prison Service, Police and RSPCA. He was medically retired from the Police with PTSD after a serious injury on duty. In 2020 he realised that this was too big a job for one person and approached the other Directors to help out, bringing in a broad spectrum of service and experience from all the services.

What did No Duff UK achieve in 2020?

No Duff has really supported those within 2020 who have needed them during what will be remembered as one of the hardest years due to increased mental health directly linked to the Coronavirus outbreak.

But they did not let them stop their plans to support those suffering mental health and needing their support they offered private peer to peer support within Facebook with over 1000 people which is a designated ‘safe place’ to seek help and support, and even allowing members have a bit of a rant when needed.

They launched on Twitter @noduff1 where they have managed to gain 1200 followers and supported 31 members into therapy, which also prevented 4 suicides and has really made a true difference.

They supported a Veteran who was stuck in Europe without any funds get back home and have supported 4 veterans back into full time employment.

Making the most of the gyms being closed they launched a new and successful heath and fitness group because they believe physical health goes hand in hand with mental health.

What is next for No Duff?

In 2021 No Duff UK hope to establish a Headquarters in the North West of England that will house treatment and therapy rooms, conference facilities and classroom facilities and a fitness suite.

They also hope to establish a Community Garden Project as gardening has also been shown to help people with their Mental Health.

They may be small now but are ambitious enough to say that they intend to expand to cover the whole of the country.

No Duff UK is funded exclusively by donations, whatever funding grants they are successful with and by fundraising events, which has had to take a back seat due to Covid restrictions.

If you would like to support No Duff UK please visit their website.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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