National clap tonight at 6pm to honour Captain Tom Moore

Boris Johnson has announced he will take part in a national clap to honour Captain Sir Tom Moore which is taking place this evening.

The Clap will show the support and respect of the nation following the tragic death of Captain Tom following a battle with Covid and Pneumonia.

When is the Clap for Captain Sir Tom Moore visit?

Tonight The Prime Minister has encouraged the public to join him in a round of applause at 6pm tonight to ‘show our appreciation for for him and that all he stood for and believed in’.

Telling the House of Commons he said ‘I encourage everyone to join in a national clap for Captain Tom and all those health workers for whom he raised money at 6pm this evening.’

Captain Sir Tom Moore Raised £33 Million

The World War Two veteran who became a ‘national inspiration’ during the first national coronavirus lockdown within the UK when he raised over £33 million for NHS Charities during the lockdown by walking 100 laps of his garden.

Sadly he died aged 100 on Tuesday in Bedford Hospitals after being admitted after contracting Covid-19.