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Marti Blagborough: Leeds Youtuber won’t pay after lockdown breaches fine

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A YouTuber who carries out Audits and uploads them online is contesting three covid-19 fines because he claims the work he does is essential.

Marti Blagborough of Leeds is now contesting fines he was issued for traveling to Sheffield, Scarborough, and Lincoln because he says he has done nothing wrong.

Who is Marti Blagborough?

Marti Blagborough is a UK Auditor and YouTuber and has over 25k subscribers. He visits locations around the UK, but unlike other Auditors he operates under a media company, meaning, unlike other Auditors who are citizen-journalists.

Marti Blagborough: Leeds Youtuber won't pay after lockdown breaches fine 1

He visits locations across the UK, he seems to focus on Covid-19 testing sites, Prisons, and Police Stations with the intention to film interactions with members of staff and police officers within these locations with the intention to record the reactions of the police.

National Coronavirus Lockdown Breaches

Police issued Mr Blagborough a £200 after claiming that traveling 70 miles during a lockdown to film a police station and a prison was not reasonable travel despite him operating under a registered media company.

He is already contesting two other fines issues to him in Sheffield and Scarborough for similar Audits.

He believes he should not have been fined as his travel to Lincoln was to shoot footage that he can sell as part of his business.

Why was Marti Blagborough in Lincoln?

Marti Blaborough has travel to Lincolnshire to carry out two audits one at Lincoln Prison and a second at South Park Police Station.

He traveled to the area to talk about data that revealed Lincolnshire is one of the highest-ranking areas for covid fines within the UK.

The footage of the police station was required and the interaction with the police officers was required to cover the topic of covid fines.

But officers did not believe his business travel was ‘essential’ and issued Mr Blagborough with a fixed penalty notice.

What was the video outside of HMP Lincoln?

What was the video outside of South Park Police Station?

Mr Blagborough told Leeds Live that the police were out of order because he had the right to travel to Lincoln as part of his work.

Saying “I am the director of a limited company and for me it is work, it’s my living. If I don’t go and make videos, then I don’t get paid at the end of the month.”

“For me as far as I am concerned it states if you are not able to work from home then you are allowed to travel for work. For me that is exactly what I was doing.”

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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