Majority of people who applied for £500 to self-isolate rejected

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Most of those people who applied for a £500 payment to self-isolate have been rejected the TUC claim.

The study found that figures from Half of all councils in England have found seven in 10 applications for the support was turned down.

This means that of the 120K applications to 171 local authorities, only 36K people were given support.

The support package was designed for those who could not afford to take time away from work after having tested positive for coronavirus or having been told they must self -isolate to ensure they did not suffer a loss of earnings.

The one off payment was introduced in September to support those who are most in need but people would only be able to claim them under strict circumstances.

The scheme which is managed by the local authorities also held discretionary payments funds for those who fell outside the levels of support within the official scheme.