Correction: Update to Harper’s Law article

within the article What is Harper’s Law? Is it dangerous or should Anyone guilty of killing an emergency services worker to be jailed for life? the word Sir Robert Peel was spelled incorrectly.

On the 23rd February 2021 at 00:03 hours we received a request to amend this. After receiving the following message

“Please review your report on Harper’s law, as it has spelling errors such as the following of Sir ROBERT PEEL copied from your report: “The police are the public; The public are the police.” – Sir Robber Peel – Father of modern policing. Further down the word Argued has also probably auto-entered incorrectly. Hope this is helpful🤞”

We have now amended this and would apologise for any offense this mis-spelling may have caused.

We have published this content inline with our corrections and clarifications policy