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COPS Minds: launches to support the mental health of cops

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COPS Minds launches in the UK to help police officers who are suffering from mental health.

Sadly within the UK too many Police Officers have taken their lives and many more are suffering serious mental health issues which are associated with their policing duties.

When we look at the support available to directly support our police officers and police staff it isn’t that great. The system lets them down.

That’s why we are supporting the launch of ‘COPS Minds’ our policing support service giving police officers and support staff a place to turn when they are suffering alone, to reduce the feelings of mental health and creating a supportive service. 

Cops Minds aims to offer a place to, it’s OK not to be OK, offering support to those who are serving within the thin blue line. 

How can I help COPS Minds?

You can support COPS Minds by making a donation on the JustGiving Page where the money is being raised to launch the Charity.

You can help us by creating your own fundraising idea to directly support police officers.

In 2020 we’ll be launching the COPS Minds first public event which will be a sponsored overnight stay in a haunted location with the aim of raising as much as we can for COPS Minds, if you are interested in taking part drop [email protected] an email.

Why is COPS Minds important?

It must be really important to create a support service for police officers where It is important for those who are struggling to know they are not alone and there is people out there who can help.

COPS Minds aim to launch this service and support for officers who are suffering in silence and need to reach out for support. 

COPS Minds aim to launch this within a non-judgemental non-clinical environment that will offer great support for those within the police service who will benefit from this level of support. 

COPS Minds will be a charity that raises funds to support private mental health counselling and treatment programmes that will offer direct access root to mental health support for police officers. 

Unfourantely during a mental health crisis more support is needed especially for those within the police service and our aim is to launch this level of support. 

What we can say is it’s ok to not be ok. Please talk to someone if you need to. 

It’s important for those perhaps struggling to know they are not alone – and there are people there to help.

For more information about COPS Minds please visit their website.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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