Help find stolen dog who helps former policeman who suffers from depression and anxiety.

A RETIRED former policeman whose family bought him a pet pooch to help with his anxiety has posted a £5,000 reward after he was mugged for the sprocker spaniel in a London park.

Mike Jasper was walking his dog Ted in south London after visiting his allotment when he was brutally attacked by two men wearing face masks.

One of the dognappers approached Mr Jasper as he was walking on Cannon Hill Common, in Merton, and started asking questions about Ted, including what breed he was.

When Mr Jasper, 66, who spent ten years in the police force in his twenties, said he was leaving, the man responded with: ‘What, do you think I’m going to steal your dog?’

Just as he bent down to put Ted on his lead, a second man came up behind him, punched him in the back and pushed him to the floor.

They then grabbed Ted’s lead and ran off laughing, he says.

The short-tailed sprocker spaniel, a cross between a cocker and springer spaniel, joined the Jasper household three years ago.

He was been a source of comfort and support for Mr Jasper, who suffers from depression and anxiety.