COVID-19: Teachers have launched legal action to close all schools across the UK

One of the leading teaching unions within the UK says it has begun legal action against the government over plans to reopen schools on Monday.

It comes as all schools in London will close for two weeks after the Christmas holidays in London as the Covid-19 virus surges.

Schools should close for two weeks after the Christmas holidays, England’s biggest teaching union has said after the education secretary was forced into another U-turn.

Since the announcement came from the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson teachers have immediately called for the re-opening of schools to be halted with all learning and classes to be moved online under the current situation is under more control.

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) announced they “are calling upon the government to remove people in schools from the physical harm caused by the current progress of the disease”

The NAHT went on to announce they had “Commenced preliminary steps in legal proceedings against the Department for Education.”

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