Apparently this is a free school meal that should last 10 days?

Hundreds of images have been posted across social media over the last 24 hours showing the food supplied within a food hamper which is to replace free school meals and is expected to last 10 days.

Families across England have been supplied the packages which really does lot include anything substantial and really would be far fetched if you can spread it over the 10 days expected.

Many have called them inadequate they include basics such as a load of bread, eggs, beans fruit and veg.

But children are supposed to have been allocated £15 per week, and people are estimating the same shop would only cost £6.21.

But here is the thing this time the government have not issued school meals vouchers because many millions of parents spent them on alcohol instead of using them on school meals which forced them to issue school hampers to stop it happening again.

Now we cannot blame the Schools or the Government because they paid a company to provide £15 a week worth of school meals within a hamper and are providing less than £7 worth of food.

Whoever believes this would feed a child for 10 days really needs some real-life experience of living within the real world because it is simply not good enough.

But one thing is for sure there are many angry parents today after receiving these poor hampers.

We’ll keep you updated on the developments.