The Caxton Arms offers pint called “substantial meal” to get around Tier 2 rules

A pub has come up with a creative way which it thinks will get them around the Tier 2 loophole.

The pub is offering a “Substantial Meal” a pint to be able to open back up under the Tier 2 rules.

The Landlord hopes it will allow him to get around the government’s rules.

The Caxton Arms in Brighton says it will be offering the “hearty, filling and flavoursome” ale from its supplier the “Made Up Brewery” when it reopens on Thursday.

In Brighton and other Tier 2 regions throughout England, customers are only allowed to drink alcohol in pubs and restaurants if it is accompanied by a “substantial meal”.

However Government minister George Eustice claimed that a scotch egg would “probably constitute a substantial meal.

However, this was later overturned by an official spokesperson for the prime minister who said that “bar snacks do not count”.