Thomas Branchflower died after being found in rain trough in foster parents garden

A boy aged one has died after being found in a rain trough in the garden of his foster parents.

Thomas Branchflower who was living in foster care was found unresponsive in the back garden of his new home.

He sadly died five days after being found within the Rain trough which is used to collect rain water to water plants.

He was rushed to the Bristol Children’s Hospital where he was place on life support.

An inquest into his death has been opened with a full hearing expected to be heard once a full investigation has happened.

His mum Tanya Branchflower has spoke confirming her son “Thomas was in foster care.

“He was found unresponsive in an metal rainwater trough and was on life support.

“he was very much loved and adored by us, his parents.”.

During his last hours, Thomas who has been taken in to care Tanya and his father were allowed to spend several hours visiting him before his death.

Somerset County Council, which is responsible for children’s services, said it was unable to comment in detail until the inquest had concluded.

A spokesman said: “This is clearly a very tragic situation and we have offered our support to all those affected.”