COVID-19: Lockdown to end next week shops, gyms and salons to reopen.

Coronavirus Update Police Hour

The second national lockdown in England will be lifted on December 2nd when a revised new three-tiered system of restrictions.

The lifting of the lockdown will see shops, gyms and hairdressers reopen across the country. We will no longer have to “Stay at Home”.

Places of worship and indoor sport will be able to resume and for the first time since march sports fans will be allowed back into outdoor sports stadiums but only in areas of the lowest cases of coronavirus.

The government will enable pubs to re-open in Tier 1 and Tier 2 but those who are within Tier 3 must remain as takeaway-only.

As soon as we have more details on what each Tier means and which areas will be impacted we will release an update.