Local lockdowns are not working they are just delaying the inevitable of a national lockdown

Coronavirus experts are warning that a second national lockdown is on the way.

Local Lockdowns are not working and are just delaying the “inevitable”.

The only thing that it is doing is destroying local businesses and jobs as people start not heading out for coffee and beers with friends.

The localised approaches are not reducing Covid-19 cases.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has already admitted that changes to local measures were coming within days.

The news comes as John Edmunds a professor and a member fo SAGE the body who advises the government appeared on national TV.

He told BBC’s Newsnight that localised measured which he argued were “not working” and were just merely “delaying the inevitable”.

“These local restrictions that have been put in place in much of the north of England really haven’t been very effective,”

“We need to take much more stringent measures, not just in the north of England, we need to do it countrywide, and bring the epidemic back under control.”