Let’s Talk: Pals Set Up Mental Health Group To Help Struggling Men

Two friends who have both battled with their own mental health have decided to turn that into a positive and support other men who may also be struggling.

Dan Lambert aged 35 and Jack Lucas aged 31 set up Let’s Speak in June with the main aim to encourage men who needed help and support during the lockdown to open up.

The group which is now only four months old and has support available to help users 24/7 has attracted over 2,000 members and offers a safe place for men to chat about whatever problems they have.

It also allows men to receive signposted them towards help and support.

Speaking with LADbible Jack said “You can go to university for years, get the highest degree you can possibly get but until you experience it yourself, you’re not going to know what it’s like and I think that makes us different.

“We’re not patronising, we can say to someone ‘we know how you feel’ – maybe not exactly because everyone is different, but we’ve got a good understanding.”

Let’s Speak allows men a chance to talk about their own problems relating to mental health and depression along with coping mechanisms, deny management and help with finding foodbanks.

If you would like some mental health support head over to the Let’s Speak Facebook group.