Boris Johnson is considering tougher national measures which could mean a full lockdown

Boris Johnson has met with his most senior cabinet members on Friday to talk about toughening Covid-19 restrictions within England.

It is believed the Prime Minster is now considering a new national lockdown with restrictions, which could be imposed in England as early as next week.

According to reports the new national lockdown could be in place from Wednesday where it is believed everything could be closed expect essential shops and educational settings such as schools and universities.

it is suggested that the lockdown will run until December which could enable families to come together for Christmas.

The cabinet held the meeting which discussed the toughening of restrictions within the UK due to the increased infection rates and the increased hospital admissions.

It is believed that Boris Johnson will address the nation on Monday to update England of his planned next steps.

The news comes just one week after Downing Street promoted the work of a tiered regional framework which would aim to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

While England attempted the tiered approach Was, France and Germany opted for a ‘firebreaker’ lockdown in an attempt to curve coronavirus cases.

We will keep you updated with developments over the weekend as more details come to light.