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In 2016 Parliament decided to keep MPs’ arrests secret from the public, That’s why we can’t name the MP arrested

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Back in 2016 Tory MP and at the time Tory Minister Chris Grayling pushed through Parliament a new rule which meant that the naming of MPs under arrest breached their human rights.

At the time only one MP voted against the laws, So if you see an MP demanding that the MP be named today you should demand to know how they voted back in 2016, If there were an MP back then.

That rule is why in 2020 that when an MP has been arrested for a very serious offence cannot be named and cannot be suspended because they’d be named or identified.

No other suspect in a rape case is afforded the same protection and they are often named and shamed upon being charged losing the innocent until proven guilty protection.

Because once the suspected criminal of a crime is named even if they are never found guilty their name will remain mud within the eyes of their community.

Every suspect in a crime should not be named until they have been found guilty regardless of the fact that they are an MP the public should be afforded and offered the same protection.

Back in 2016 MPs voted to keep the arrests of MPs secret in a chilling move that was debated for less than an hour within the House of Commons.

It was ruled that the public have no right to know if their MP is arrested.

The only way an MP can be named is if he or she speaks out himself and the move of naming an MP is deemed as a breach of their “right to privacy” under the Human Rights Act.

Within the UK there are no laws to stop or prevent the naming of members of the public who are suspected of committing a crime.

Police decide whether or not to name an arrested person based on a balance of the suspect’s right to privacy and the public’s right to know.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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