UK Coronavirus: Pet cat becomes the first to test positive for COVID-19

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A pet cat has become the first animal to test positive for Covid-19 within the UK.

The cat has now made a full recovery and it is believed did not transmit the virus.

The only details that have been released about the cat its that it lives in England and was tested at a laboratory in Weybridge in Surrey last week.

It is believed that the cat contracted the virus from its owners who had previously tested positive for Covid-19.

The cat was initially diagnosed with feline herpes which is a common respiratory infection but a sample was then tested for coronavirus as part of a research programme by the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

The cat also rested positive for SARS-CoV2 which is the virus which is known to cause COVID-19 in humans.

The case has also been reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health in line with international commitments.